Honest Trailers Perfectly Summed Up Every Christopher Nolan Movie Ever Made

Christopher Nolan is one of the most talented directors of the generation and there is absolutely no question about it. From The Dark Knight trilogy to The Departed to Inception and Instellar — Christopher Nolan is playing chess while the rest of the planet’s directors are playing checkers. However, that doesn’t mean he’s above getting clowned on, which is exactly what ScreenJunkies did.
ScreenJunkies has been producing these “Honest Trailers” for years, and while they’re not as funny as they used to be, they still pack a relatively decent punch. Taking aim at Nolan’s classic WOMPPPP noises, the lack of depth his female characters, the constant blue tint his movies seem to have, the same suit he always seems to be wearing, and his over-complicated timelines, Honest Trailers perfectly skewered Nolan and all of his (minimal) faults.
From Memento to Dunkirk, the Honest Trailer covers every film of Nolan’s career, finding (hilarious) common themes between them.


While Nolan’s next project has yet to be announced, fans can count on a couple things: it’ll have a weak female lead, it’ll be shot with a blueish tint, and it will very likely include an ear-shattering WOMPPPP sound.

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