RECAP: 'The Walking Dead' Finale Episode 16: Must See Review S8E16

This week offers up an extended run time of 70 minutes. In this episode, the communities join forces in the last stand against the Saviors as all-out war unfolds. Tonight, we finally get some closure to the ‘All Out War’ storyline, and hopefully the body count isn’t as high as anticipated.

The Walking Dead  Season 8 Finale, Episode 16 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, April 15, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M. EST
Episode Title: “Wrath”
TV Channel: AMC

Let’s Just Finish This
Rick and the group begin planning their trek from Hilltop to the location Dwight gave them on the map… without knowing a Savior ambush is waiting for them. Morgan is slowly losing his mind, per usual lately, barely able to recognize the people around him as friend or foe. He tells Rick, “We are worse than we were.” What this war is costing these two old friends, losing everything good, everything that felt safe, Morgan implores Rick to just finish this… because for people like them, there’s no going back.

Biting The Bullet?
The Saviors are gearing up as well, and Dwight is, um, relegated to wear the disgusting “A” oversize sweatshirt to symbolize his new rank at the bottom of the totem pole. Eugene and Negan are bonding over bullets like frat boys at a kegger. Negan also brings our distraught priest Father Gabe along to hear his “confession” of what he’s about to do in an extremely condesending tone. Right after, he casually tosses Father Gabriel out the car. As if we expect anything less from Negan, especially in the season finale.
After Rick, Morgan, Michonne and some other key players begin making their way along the map, they quickly realize it’s a trap. Ezekiel and his group finds remnants of another map along the quarry. This clearly indicates their information was flawed from jump. Rick radio’s to Maggie she was right, it was a trap, and they’re changing the plan. For the first time in a long time the group is using caution. Maybe this can buy a few lives in the future if they keep it up.

Holding Down The Fort
With poor partial blind Father Gabriel running for his life after a not-so-joy-ride, Eugene finds him and holds him at gun point. Negan winds up Lucille and orders Eugene to throw him back in the car, indicating that he has no intention of allowing the priest to die a pleasant death. Super!
While Rick and the main group wanders into new territory as they go “off-map”, a group of Savior’s make their way to Hilltop to carry out the kill them all plan. Negan radio’s Rick to let him know there is no place for them to run, once again he has his people surrounded. Also, his mole Dwight has been discovered and Father Gabriel has been his hostage and is going to be the first casualty of the night. A slow countdown begins…

Literal Backfire
As Negan counts down, the Saviors begin to move in fully armed, when the guns go off – BACKFIRE!!! The prized bullet maker Eugene must have let Gabriel make a lot more defective ammo than he let on.  Rick and everyone moves in and takes advantage of YET ANOTHER BETRAYAL by one of Negan’s right hand guys. Rosita sees what Eugene had done for them.
In a blaze of glory, the approaching Saviors at Hilltop are fire bombed by the women of Oceanside, led by Aaron. The Saviors in the field get on their knees and surrender but none of our people look thrilled to have more POW’s. The look on Maggie’s face says it all: she wants it over.
A fleeing Negan is pursued by a vengeful Rick. The cat and mouse story of the season. The two, beating the crap out of each other, Negan confesses to Rick that back when he killed Glenn and Abraham it was never a random choosing, he didn’t want to kill Rick then because he had a son. That no longer matters now for Negan. Rick tries to calm Negan down, apparently the word “Carl” is his Kryptonite, and in a split second of hearing Rick out that Carl wouldn’t want this anymore… Rick cuts Negan’s throat.

Something After

Rick turns to see his people and says to Siddiq, the only living doctor in the apocalypse, to save Negan. Michonne is holding back a screaming Maggie, pleading to let him die for taking Glenn’s life, but Rick says that can’t be what we are. In a final attempt to honor his son’s wishes, he tells both his and Negans’ people that from this point on, it’s not about what was, it’s about a future.
The less evil Saviors ask Maggie to stay at Hilltop and help to which she agrees while the other Saviors go back to The Sanctuary with Tara and Rosita and try to work to built it back up into a real sanctuary not built on fear, but built through trust and hard work of others.
Daryl rides out with Dwight into the woods. Dwight tells Daryl he knows he has to pay for his past mistakes and he’s ready to die if that’s how it has to be. Daryl throws him a set of car keys and tells him to get lost if he wants to make it right. Find his wife and start over. Dwight drives back to his and Sherry’s old house, hoping to find her there. He finds a note instead with an infinity sign (something I’m sure we’ll learn more about next season) and he smiles knowing she’s still out there.
Morgan gives his gear to Carol in an ominous departure tells her he’s going where he needs to be: away. Surprisingly, Morgan ends up at Jadis’s heap-ster community and invites her to join Rick and tells her that she shouldn’t be alone now that the war is over. She tells him her name is Anne, and says she’ll go with him. Much to her dismay, Morgan says he can’t go back.

If this wasn’t a lot to process, Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl decide to plan a coup of their own to bide their time and take down Negan without Rick and Michonne. Looks like the new war next season will be coming from inside the group… for now.
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