Bonnaroo 2018 Lineup: Artists, Schedule & Tickets Details

Come Thursday, June 7, 2018, music lovers, artists and hipsters from around the world will congregate in Manchester, Tennessee for a four day festival of entertainment, enjoyment and debauchery that is known as Bonnaroo. For 17 years now it has been a haven for an eclectic assortment of music listeners, often headlined by a mix of classic performers and modern pop singers. This year is set to be no exception with Muse, The Killers, and Slim Shady himself Eminem taking the stage on the festival’s three main nights.
It’s hard to categorize a band like Muse. Their hit single “Supermassive Black Hole” is probably their best-known song, but is in no way the only track they could use to deliver a transcendent set to the masses. The Killers are one of the biggest bands in the world right now and are almost singlehandedly proving that while the mainstream may be saturated by pop and hip-hop, rock’n’roll isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s safe to expect a murderously good performance from the band that brought you “Mr. Brightside.” And here’s hoping that Eminem, coming off the mixed reception of his latest album Revival, busts out some classic bangers to reaffirm that, at 45, he’s still as lively, angry and crazy as we remember him.
But enough of the headliners. The majority of the festival, the real meat of the show, is made up of the massive lineup of opening acts that precede the big names.

Bonnaroo 2018 Lineup

Though there are ultimately too many performers to catch each performance, a few names stand out from the block of artists in the early shows. Nobody of note is performing on the lackluster Thursday, June 7th show, but you can catch Saturday Night Live‘s Sasheer Zamata doing stand-up, a full-service party station and a surprise DJ set that’ll last until sunrise and will no doubt include some additional surprise appearances to hype up the crowd for an additional three days of music. The Friday, June 8th show will feature the likes of T-Pain, Sheryl Crow, Paramore and Khalid, leading into that evening’s performance by Muse. The Saturday, June 9th show is largely lacking in known names, but is unmissable for the dual Bon Iver performances which will bookend Eminem’s set. These promise to be unique, once-in-a-lifetime shows that Bon Iver’s been building up since he confirmed that he’d be there.
Sunday, June 10th will end things in spectacular fashion with performances by Dua Lipa, Future and renowned DJ Thundercat before the Killers take the stage. There will be progressive panels throughout the weekend, offering the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics from gun control to sour beers, all interspaced with the appropriate amount of revelry. The festival landscape will be dotted with comedy sets, party opportunities, and even the occasional puppet show.
Here’s the full list for the festival lineup.

Bonnaroo 2018 Tickets

Tickets to Bonnaroo are pretty easy to get, if a little expensive. A standard 4-day general pass will set you back around $350, but you can get in with a shuttle package day pass for about $200. Add-ons such as parking and camping will cost at last $40 a day and can reach up to $800 for the weekend depending on what kind of vehicle you bring. VIP and Platinum tickets, which include benefits such as free camping, shuttle service to Nashville, access to exclusive lounge areas and convenient parking, can cost anywhere from approximately $230 for a single day pass to a ludicrous $5,000 for a pair of 4-day Platinum tickets, with the option to get more expensive with further perks.
All tickets can be purchased on Bonnaroo’s official site. Though tickets aren’t expected to sell out until later, it’s best to get them sooner rather than later. Also, when you get your entry bracelet in the mail, be sure not to put it on until you reach the festival itself. Once tightened, they aren’t meant to be removed.

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