LISTEN: Eminem, 'Revival' Stream & Download: New Album

Slim Shady is back with his much-anticipated ninth studio album, Revival. Eminem has wowed millions of fans across the globe, troubling parents and censors, and turning many new people over to the love of hip hop. He was more than just a rap star, he was an icon of Generation X, representing the attitude of pissed off youth saying what they please and giving the finger to authority.
On November 10, the first single for his new album was released. The song “Walk on Water” features R&B singer Beyoncé and is available for digital download right now. You can download Eminem’s new single off of Amazon or iTunes.
Eminem is using a fake pharmaceutical drug known as “Revival” to market his new album. In the ad, the “E” is backwards, just like Eminem’s logo.
The promo video for Revival all but confirms the pharmaceutical theme Eminem has for the album, at least when it comes to the marketing aspect. The video parodies the pharmaceutical industry, providing a medication known as Revival which results in a slew of side effects. Hopefully, one side effect is that the album won’t suck.

Eminem’s new album Revival was officially released on the stroke of midnight, Friday, December 15, 2017. Look below and find out what you need to know so you can live stream Eminem’s newest album now…

Stream Revival on Spotify

You can stream the album via Spotify. Click here to stream Revival on Spotify or look below and listen to the entire album on COED…

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Revival on iTunes

You can listen to the album via iTunes. Click here or look below to stream songs from Eminem’s new album…
[protected-iframe id=”a3313b2c21af8640a04841632eb1ded5-3508545-110432154″ info=”” width=”100%” height=”500px” frameborder=”0″]

Revival Tracklist

  1. “Walk on Water” (feat. Beyonce)
  2. “Believe”
  3. “Chloraseptic” (feat. Phresher)
  4. “Untouchable”
  5. “River” (feat. Ed Sheeran)
  6. “Remind Me” (Intro)
  7. “Remind Me”
  8. “Revival” (Interlude)
  9. “Like Home” (feat. Alicia Keys)
  10. “Bad Husband” (feat. X Ambassadors)
  11. “Tragic Endings” (feat. Skylar Grey)
  12. “Framed”
  13. “Nowhere Fast” (feat. Kehlani)
  14. “Heat”
  15. “Offended”
  16. “Need Me” (feat. Pink)
  17. “In Your Head”
  18. “Castle”
  19. “Arose”

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