National Wine Day 2018 Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Pictures

Who doesn’t love a great bottle of wine! It doesn’t matter whether it’s red, white, or rose that’s your favorite bottle to uncork. That’s why May 25 is dedicated to our favorite fancy drink. Are you a Red drinker? Fuller Body, more robust, and seemingly posher than it’s brethren. Is white more your speed? Lighter, crisp, and a sweeter way to brighten your day. Or is Rose your choice to fill your glass, getting the best of both worlds and enjoying the true wine king of summer. Whatever it is today is for every wine lover. Let’s all raise a collective glass to these must-see posts on this, out National Wine Day!

How’s Your Vision?

I need glasses… maybe a few.

No Complaining In Texas, Just Drinking

Everything’s bigger in Texas, does that include the wine pours?

It Ain’t East Being Green…

Fozzy pull the Studebaker around… Kermit needs a ride home…

Close Enough

Take my money!

Know How To Pour

The latter. Always pour like the latter.

Is It 5 P.M. Yet?

It’s Friday and National Wine Day… You know I’m counting down the minutes…

The Most Interesting Wine In The World

Stay thirsty my friends…

Wine Is Timeless

Me too ladies… me too…

We All Have That Something Special

I luh you bae…

Netflix and Wine

National Wine Day doesn’t have to be a group event Ariel…

Could I Please See The Sommelier?

He really does have an amazing palate.

A Regular Dr. Seuss

Close enough for me!
However, you enjoy your wine we at COED wish you a happy, safe, and fancy National Wine Day! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some celebrating to do!
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