Total Bellas: Top 5 Best & Must-See Moments

On May 20th we will all be invited back into the amazing and hectic lives of The Bella Twins. Without even seeing an episode we all know we are in for some intense moments. We will get our first look how the lives of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have changed since welcoming Birdie into their lives. We get to see the ladies prep for their WWE returns. But maybe the hardest thing to watch will be what happened between John Cena and Nikki Bella. Over the years we have seen them grow and support each other and we were all shocked to find out they are going their separate ways. There’s a lot to expect in Season Three but let’s take a look back at the must-see moments from Seasons One and Two!

Cena House Rules

John Cena has come a long way since bursting on the WWE scene with “ruthless aggression” and then becoming The Doctor of Thuganomics. Thanks to Total Divas and Total Bellas we’ve gotten to see that the face that runs the place has come to enjoy the finer things in life. Flashy suits, fast cars, and a luxurious home are how Cena likes to spend his hard earned money. At the beginning of Season One of Total Bellas, we learned that Danial Bryan and Brie would be living with Cena and Nikki in his massive home. On their first night in their temporary abode, Cena has the entire Bella clan for a nice dinner. This is when things become interesting. He informed Brie, Bryan, the Bella’s mother Kathy Colace, their step-father and WWE personality John Laurenitis, and the Bella’s brother J.J. Garcia of the following rules for his home…

  1. A formal dinner every week, usually Wednesday
  2. Respect The House as if it were your own, do not leave towels around, do not leave laundry around, make your bed, etc.
  3. When dinner is done, the ladies will retreat to the drawing room and the men will retreat to the cigar room
  4. Every morning we will have morning coffee together
  5. Every evening we will have a fire outside together
  6. Trash is picked up every Monday and there are four, 64-gallon trash bins available
  7. If you are going to stay up late, please text me or tell me

Now written out those seem like a list of requests by a somewhat uptight owner of the Airbnb you’re staying in. But this is John Cena saying this to a room full of other adults. And the tone he uses is almost an admonishing tone you’d use with a middle schooler. The look on Bryan’s face is priceless. You could tell right from the get-go that the humble and earth child tendencies of Bryan were not going to gel with the somewhat more glamorous tendencies of Cena. If you get a chance to watch the episode please do so, the awkwardness is palpable.

Nikki’s Recovery

A theme that is prevalent in the Total Bellas series is Nikki’s recovery and rebounding from her neck injury. The show opens with her wearing a neck brace that sticks around all the way through to Brie’s retirement match at Wrestlemania at the end of Season One. Season Two spends a lot of time focusing on Nikki’s return to action in a mixed-tag match with John Cena, against real-life rival and fellow Total Divas castmate, Maryse and her husband The Miz. In this time we got to see a side of Nikki that was both refreshing and wonderful. Nikki and her sister Brie were hired at a time when women weren’t always given a job due to their wrestling experience. This is not to take away from the women who performed at the peak of the “Divas” division but with the rebranding of the division, to have the women called Superstars just like the men and be rid of the “Divas” moniker, many thought that Nikki Bella may not be able to keep up. Well, they were wrong. Nikki proved that she wanted to be part of the Women’s Revolution just as much as the new girls and showed that she was able to put in the work. Nikki Bella could have gone quietly into the night and focus on more projects with the E! Network and things like her wine company with her sister. Instead, she opted to fight for an in-ring return and put her body on the line. Its something that makes the show a great watch and endears Nikki to even the pickiest of fans.

Brie’s Labor

In Season One we see Brie calling it a career (for the time, we all saw Royal Rumble 2018) so that she could focus on beginning her family with then retired husband, Daniel Bryan. This becomes the focus of Season Two. If Nikki and Cena are the glamour of Total Bellas and arguably the heart of the show, Brie and Bryan are the soul. The two like to live smaller and more humble than their dynamic counterparts. In the show, we take the journey of Brie being pregnant and how Bryan’s new role as SmackDown Live GM affect their lives. She debates with Bryan about her revealing but artistic maternity photos, they argue about how a mother should act while pregnant (which will lead to our next moment…), and the season ends with a very open and unglamorized birth of their daughter, Birdie. We are welcomed into their world to build a family and are given a very honest view of it. It is never spun as perfect but it is incredibly refreshing to see the couple build and grow together as they add a new member to their family. It is a wonderful partner to the storyline of Nikki’s neck.

Nikki Drinks Wine While…Pregnant?

Ye,s we all know that John Cena never wants to have kids. But that doesn’t stop Nikki from role-playing to get a rise out of people. In Season Two there is an episode where the cast debates whether or not it is ok for a mother to try a taste of wine. Whatever your belief is, there is a representation of it in this episode. Nikki believes it’s fine, while Bryan is staunchly against it. This is believable because Nikki really loves her wine and Bryan literally doesn’t drink alcohol. It also addresses the fact that even though it is their child, it is Brie’s body. Bryan also brings up the fact that it might look bad for a mother to drink wine. When Brie ultimately decides not to have any wine, Nikki decides she is going to see how people react to it. So what does she do? She puts a fake baby belly on and goes to a vineyard to drink in public… just to see how people react. As she’s drinking wine we see a group of ladies staring. Nikki decides to walk right up to them and ask them their thoughts. They ladies are very nice about it… but it could be because a bunch of cameras were shoved in their face…

Daniel Bryan’s Mental Health

A lot has been reported in the WWE media about the return of Daniel Bryan to in-ring action. It seems amazing that he is back and we all but reserved ourselves to the fact that he was done. Though with all of this talk about his physical health, Total Bellas took a different approach, putting a spotlight on his mental state. What we got was a beautiful and honest look at a person struggling. Bryan’s career was taken away from him so suddenly that he barely had the ability to cope. He reveals his family has a history of depression and that his current life changes are putting him in a bad place. At one point in the show, he must leave Cena’s home and even misses the wedding of Johnny Laurinitis and Kathy Colace due to his stress. The amazing part of this part of the show is the support he receives from his family, especially that of his wife Brie. In modern media and entertainment, we often hear of how stars are struggling when it’s too late. It is extremely refreshing to be able to see someone the fanbase loves so much have so much support through a difficult time. It is an inspirational narrative to fans who look up to the Bellas and Bryan as a performer and I am happy that it was represented in the show.
Total Bellas  Season Three is sure to have some twists and turns but we should all be excited to have these two ladies back on TV. There will definitely be some heartbreak on this season but knowing the Bellas and their family it won’t be without some crazy moments. Check out Total Bellas on the E! Network starting Sunday, May 20th, at 9:00 P.M. EST

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