Matt Milby Photos: Full Story of Dixon High School Shooter

According to a report from, Matt Milby, a 19-year-old former Dixon High student who was recently expelled from the school, is in custody and being treated for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the shoulder after bringing a gun to the Dixon High School. Milby was shot in the shoulder by school resource officer Mark Dallas after opening fire on a gym full of graduating seniors. No one besides Milby was shot or injured.
Milby allegedly engaged in the shooting at about 8:00 a.m. local time. According to Chicago’s WGN 9, a high-school aged male suspect open fired in a gym full of 150 students (seniors), firing multiple rounds, before one officer fired back. School resource officer Mark Dallas chased Milby out of the school, where the two exchanged gunfire. The suspect was struck.
via SaukValley:

According to multiple sources at the site, the shooter is Matt Milby. Official confirmation has not yet been made. The man shot at school resource officer Mark Dallas, who returned fire around 8 a.m., Sheriff John Simonton said.
The shooting happened in the gym, where seniors, whose last day of school was Friday, were gathered for graduation practice, City Administrator Danny Langloss said. The officer was not injured, nor was anyone else, Langloss said.
Dixon Police believe that the suspect acted alone and that there is no further threat to the safety of students or staff. “We’re lucky the officer was there. His brave actions saved a lot of lives,” said Langloss, whose daughter was among the seniors in the gym. Dixon High has been evacuated, and all Dixon schools are on lockdown while the investigation proceeds. Peoria Avenue is closed.

The shooting at Dixon High School  was just the latest in a string of lockdowns, bomb threats, and shootings that have plagued the United States. Over the course of the past few years, shootings such as these have been a scourge upon the country and people have struggled with coming up with a solution. Lockdowns have become all too common as a means of protection when students and faculty are in danger and today is no different.
This incident follows similar incidents at Dodd Middle School in Connecticut, Windham Public Schools also in Connecticut, Pacoima Middle School in Los Angeles, Millennium Middle School in Florida, and US Grant High School in Oklahoma, which are just some of the places where events such as this have occurred.


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