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Hattiesburg police in Missippi believe that a missing teenage boy may be with a former teacher, Nicole Jackson, who has been accused of sexual battery.
Police say that 16-year-old Oscar O’Neal II, who was last seen at his home on the morning of Monday, April 30 and was reported missing around 7 a.m., may be with 30-year-old Nicole Jackson, a former teacher at the Earl Travillion Attendance Center.
Jackson surrendered to authorities on April 10 during the ongoing investigation. She was reportedly out of a jail on a $10,000 bond for sexual battery in a position of trust or authority.
Authorities say that the two may be traveling in a dark blue Chevy Impala with Mississippi License Plate FRA-4454. There is an active warrant for Jackson’s arrest at this time and police are asking anyone who sees either Jackson or O’Neal to contact police.
Jackson is just the latest teacher to be charged for an alleged relationship with a teenager student.  Over the course of just a few months, educators across the country were arrested for entering into an inappropriate relationship with their students, Tennessee teacher Janet Smothers, LaToya Parker, Florida teacher Caroline Lawson, 26-year-old Allyson Moran and Katherine Ross Ridenhour were all arrested on similar charges.
The list goes on to include 22-year-old Oklahoma science teacher Hunter Day, 28-year-old teacher Megan Kotarski, 23-year-old history teacher Michelle Schiffer, 29-year-old Alyssia Marie Reddy, special education teacher Jordan Ondish and 28-year-old Samantha Fitzpatrick have all been allegedly carrying on inappropriate relationships with their students.
In addition, 31-year-old Nicole Marie Andrews, 32-year-old Jessica Langford, 29-year-old Andrea Baber, 27-year-old Robin Dunlap, 27-year-old Jennifer Olajire-Aro have also been charged with these charges.
42-year-old Heather Butts of California was arrested on a second-degree felony charge, Nancy Leigh Ann Brann, a former Christian school teacher, was arrested for having sex with a student, Coine Audiat pleaded no contest to having sex with a minor in 2016 and 23-year-old Darci Lake was arrested for an inappropriate relationship. 27-year-old Brittany Zamora from Arizona was arrested on similar charges. Keri Hoffman, 35, was also arrested for an alleged relationship with a student.

Matin Azizi Yarand Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
Matin Azizi Yarand Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
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