Former Nutrition Teacher Arrested For Relationship With Student

LaToya Nicole Parker, a 40-year-old former Maryland nutrition teacher, has been indicted on charges of sexual abuse of a minor.
Parker, 40, is accused of sexually abusing an unidentified 17-year-old male student from St. Charles High School between January and May of 2017. According to reports, Parker is accused of “brazen actions” in an attempt to lure the unidentified student. Allegedly, Parker would remove the student from the classroom and take him to restaurants.
Furthermore, Parker allegedly wrote “love letters” to the student that turned lewd as she would request sexual acts. Parker allegedly showed the student photos of herself, both of her naked and performing sex acts, the Bay Net reports.  The victim was also offered money in return for sex.
via The Bay Net:

The victim reportedly confided in classmates about Parker’s behavior. Then, adults who learned about the alleged actions contacted authorities. Investigators subsequently executed a search and seizure warrant on Parker’s residence.
Detectives confiscated the teacher’s composition book containing the letters to the victim and several electronic devices, including computers and phones. Text messages Parker allegedly sent to the victim were found on the confiscated phones, Freeman stated. The prosecutor stated that Maryland State Police investigators located nearly 50 images and one video matching the descriptions of the materials Parker allegedly showed to the victim.
“I understand she may not have a criminal record,” said Freeman, who added Parker had been placed in a position of public trust when she was hired as a classroom teacher. “She went beyond asking. There is a community aspect of public safety.”
Matin countered, “this is not a rape. There are no allegations of any sexual contact. She has no priors, no record. She’s not a flight risk.”

Parker’s bond was set at $20,000 and she was ordered to have no contact with minors.

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