DC's Blackhawk: Must-See Movie Details & Release Date




The ‘Empire Legend’ literally made the comic-addicts drop to their knees and count down a historic film in the makings. Let’s all salute the iconic producer and director, Steven Spielberg, for producing a never-seen smashing story, DC Blackhawk, on how “Superheroes” take-down Nazis during World War II. So, it’s safe to say, Spielberg officially has a new gig. And maybe, a new fan base as well. All we have to do wait is for the release date so it can be marked on our calendars already.

An Inside Look At The Film


With all the hype and talk about the success of Spielberg’s latest Amblin-Warner Bros. movie, Ready Player One, now there is a new movie that fans will be psyched for.
Okay, so what is DC Blackhawk, even about? Well, the movie is a remake of our history dating back from 1939-1945. And ironically so, there was also a comic book debuted in 1941 that featured the name, Blackhawk, as well.
In this film, Blackhawk has one simple mission: His job is to fight back against supervillains and Axis powers. Blackhawk — who is not only a leader of ace pilots — but he is also classified as a “war-hero.” Doesn’t this movie remind you of Indiana Jones in some way, that Jones was up against Nazis and he had to be the man who saved the day, while also searching for treasure?
During the time when there was mayhem and all “hell” broke loose, the Blackhawks needed a safe-haven destination. And they found one. They were stationed on an island —  this place contained their secret weapons and any other additional military equipment — including their planes, laboratories, and barracks.

Waiting For The Official Word

According to The Telegraph, USA Today, and Variety, Spielberg will be directing DC Blackhawk. However, there are some sites, such as; SlateLos Angeles Times, and Hypable that mention Spielberg “might possibly direct” the film. Time will tell when all the sites confirm the truth that Spielberg is directing DC Blackhawk.


History In The Making

Spielberg reached a huge milestone in his film-making career already. What’s that? How about surpassing the $10 billion mark at the global box office since making his first movie, The Sugarland Express in 1974. But better than that, he has no plans to retire from Hollywood anytime soon. Spielberg said, chuckling, “I have no plans to quit. Clint Eastwood is one of my best friends.” He added, “Clint’s like 81 and I always go, ‘OK Clint are you ready to retire this year?’ And I always reply back, No!”

It Keeps On Coming

Movie fans should hold onto their seats… Because the best movies are still yet to hit theaters like Indiana Jones 5 — which is set to release on July 10, 2020.

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