Steven Spielberg Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Steven Worth Now?

Steven Spielberg transformed Hollywood in more ways than one. He directed major box office hits such as “Indiana Jones,” “E.T,” and even the gripping movie, “Jurassic Park.”
Spielberg is an American film director, screenwriter, video game designer, producer and studio entrepreneur. His eye for capturing moments and scenes won him three Academy Awards. The two was from directing the epic movies, “Schindler’s List,” and “Saving Private Ryan.” He also won the Best Picture award for “Schindler’s List.”

Steven Spielberg’s net worth as of 2018: $3.6 Billion

Steven’s talent resulted in unparalleled success and his determination has paved off. The world-renowned director and producer have raked a hefty $3.7 billion for this year alone. He remains as the prolific producer that makes money off films such as “Real Steel,” “Super 8” and the recent box office hit, the “Transformers” film.

Born on December 18, 1946, in Ohio, Cincinnati. His mother’s profession was a concert pianist while his father was an electrical engineer. No one would have guessed that Spielberg’s career would take a different turn. Nor would they ever thought that he would be one of the most successful directors and producer in Hollywood. At such a young age, Steven “Allan” Spielberg is already attracted to films. He began making his own films that featured the stories from World War II. Besides making those mm films, he also loves to film adventure movies and would often trail the parks and restaurants to get the shots.
When he was 13 years old, he took off with his father’s movie camera and filmed a 40-minute clip titled, “Escape to Nowhere.” The story was based on a battle in East Africa. By the age 16, he made his first sci-fi adventure film and called it “Firelight.” In the year 1965, Steven graduated from Saratoga High School and continued his education at the University of Southern California and studied Theatre, Film, and Television.

Attaining stardom was not easy for Spielberg. Since he was unsuccessful while studying in Southern California, he joined Universal Studios as an unpaid intern. As an intern, he was given the opportunity to shot short TV films and he made his first film debut with “Sugarland Express.” The film was not successful, but Spielberg was lauded for his raw talent in cinematography. In the year 1975, he was back in the reigns and directed “Jaws.” That movie propelled him to success and pushed his career to greater heights.
The movie was a blockbuster hit and raked more than $450 million at the worldwide box office. Even though the budget went haywire for “Jaws” and there were a lot of delays, Spielberg’s confident demeanor and determination helped him to finish the film successfully. By the year 1993, Spielberg’s greatest works branded him as one of the best directors in his era. He directed “Jurassic Park” with such compelling scenes and the dramatic Schindler’s List” moved a lot of hearts. His success continued to soar when “Jurassic Park” grossed $900 million.

After producing and directing “Jurassic Park,” Spielberg continued to produce box office hits such as “Catch Me If You Can,” “Minority report,” and even “The Adventures of Tintin.” He also directed “Lincoln.” By the year 2013, his total recorded wealth was at $3.2 billion. He has become a national icon in America and was considered as one of the greatest filmmakers in World cinema.

The famous director and producer is presently busy with his new film, “Ready Player One.” Not only that, “Indiana Jones 5” is also expected to come out in 2018. For Steven, he has already laid out the plans and his production schedule includes working alongside Harrison Ford as he reprises his role in the upcoming “Indiana Jones” sequel.

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