Passover Videos 2018: Top 5 Best Videos For Passover

The Passover season is here again, because let’s be honest, why have a holiday that lasts only a day when you can have nearly a week! Some of our readers may regularly celebrate Passover; others might not be as familiar but could still be interested in learning more. We’ve got you covered either way. Besides, some of these videos will get you in the spirit, anyway. I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say that we have a few guest stars!
Let’s take a look at this year’s photos & videos!

A quick summary of just what Passover really is

I know what you are thinking, but some people out there are just in need of a little refresher. This handy video from Time gives a brief glimpse into the history of the holiday and even gives information to people who just want to wish someone else a happy holiday. I’ll give you a hint: there’s more than one way to do exactly just that!

Now for a very special Mayim…

Whether you know her as either that Blossom who wasn’t a Powerpuff Girl or the only reason to keep watching The Big Bang Theory, it’s just nice to have a holiday that you can celebrate with Mayim Bialik! She even shares links to her own vegan Passover recipes. It’s almost like you are welcoming her into your home on this day of days.

Who better to ask about Jewish culture than a rabbi himself?

You know, I bet that there are non-Jewish readers who watched the above video and thought the burning of the hummus was a joke. Fortunately, our friendly neighborhood rabbi, Rabbi Yaakov Rapoport, is able to not only clarify that it is true, but show you just how it is done.

Now, let’s do something for the kids!

Okay, technically, everyone can enjoy cartoons, but kids especially. Brazilian singer Micha Gamerman releases his music video for the Pessach Medley, which is said to be a sequel for a previous song he performed for Purim. Pay close attention, as there are also references to the Passover story throughout the animation.

‘Pitch Perfect’ can step aside!

A capella groups are everywhere these days and they finally got to Passover! The Maccabeats performs their song, Mah Nishtanah, using just their voices to keep the melody going. Okay, they technically use wine glasses, among other Seder objects, to make some of the sounds, but it’s Passover, we’ll let it slide. This is about a night not like other nights.

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