Passover 2018 Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images

The Passover season is here again and to help celebrate, we’ve collected some of the funniest memes throughout the internet reflecting different aspects of the holiday. Let’s take a look at some of these fun images and, while you’re here, learn a little something about the holiday. Take a look!

What & when is Passover?

Now, it is important to remember that Passover last a few days; this year, the holiday starts on the sunset of Friday, March 30, and will end of the nightfall of either Friday, April 6 or Saturday, April 7, effectively lasting a week.
The holiday is based around the story of the Book of Exodus, as it appear in both the Torah and the Bible, honoring the story of the ancient Jews escaping slavery in Egypt, as led by the prophet Moses. After sending various plagues after another against the Egyptian Pharaoh, the Jews were unable to obtain their freedom until the Angel of Death came for the firstborn son of each family. During the plague, the Jews were instructed to cover their houses with a lamb’s blood so that they would be spared, effectively “passed over” by the angel, hence the holiday’s English name.
In Hebrew, the holiday is known as “Pesach,” which is believed to have a similar meaning, although it has been debated over the years; some have argued it means “pity,” reflecting the angel sparing the Jews, or that it is simply an early word for “lamb.”
It is believed that the Jews were in such a hurry to escape when the Pharaoh finally released him, and with good reason, since he went after them, that they did not even have enough time to wait for their bread to rise. In representation of this, Jewish people do not eat leavened bread, also helping to make the flat unleavened bread that is matzo a staple of the holiday!
Another popular aspect of the holiday is the Seder, a special dinner with blessings that takes place in 15 parts! One well known aspect involves children, called the “four questions,” asking why this night is different from all others.

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