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After a nursing student, Haley Anderson, was found dead in a New York community home, police have been searching for a “person of interest” connected to the case, the suspect behind Anderson’s murder, who was believed to have been a male nursing student that was in a relationship with Anderson and who fled the United States since the incident; police later identified this “person of interest” as  Orlando Tercero.

What happened?

As mentioned in our previous coverage of the story, police found Anderson’s body after receiving a call to check on her during last Friday during the afternoon.
At this time, Anderson’s cause of death has not been revealed by police; according to Pipe Dream, however, an autopsy confirmed Anderson’s death was a homicide, as explained in the following statement:

“This incident and the circumstances of the death [were] not a random act or involving the conduct of a stranger. The victim and male student had a previous domestic/romantic relationship. The investigation determined that the person of interest had left the United States by an international air travel flight, prior to the discovery of Haley Anderson’s deceased body.”

At this time, the investigation concerning Anderson’s death is currently ongoing.

Who is Orlando Tercero?

As mentioned in our previous coverage of the story, Tercero, originally identified as a “person of interest,” is believed to be a male nursing student and a classmate of Anderson’s; Tercero and Anderson also appeared to be in a relationship with each other, which was later validated by images of the two together on social media.
It is believed that Tercero had fled the United States by the time of the incident; although police were unsure if he had returned to the country during the time of their investigation.
According to Press Connects, it was confirmed that Tercero was an American citizen and had fled to Nicaragua:

“Tercero, a U.S. citizen and fellow nursing student at BU, flew to Nicaragua prior to the discovery of 22-year-old Anderson’s body Friday at an Oak Street residence on Binghamton’s West Side, police announced Monday.”

So far, police have not determined a possible motive for Anderson’s death.
As this story is developing, more information will be updated as made available.

Brian McDaniel Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
Brian McDaniel Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
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