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A Binghamton New York University nursing student, Haley Anderson, was found murdered in a New York community home, instigating an international manhunt to find the person of interest, believed to be a fellow nursing student who fled the United States, in her death. With the news of her traumatic death, many friends have posted their condolences on social media, also upsetting many students on campus.

What happened?

Police found Anderson’s body after receiving a call to check on her during last Friday during the afternoon.
As a senior nursing student at the Binghamton University, Anderson was expected to have graduated in May. Originally from Westbury, New York, she also worked on campus as Jazzman’s Cafe.
On Twitter, reporter Briana Smith issued the following statement on the case:

“Binghamton police here at 23 Oak Street. Crime scene unit was here earlier today. I spoke to some residents who say college students live there, and they are always friendly. They also say this is an unexpected scene for the neighborhood.”

What do we know about the suspect?

At this time, police believe the aforementioned person of interest had a previous relationship with Anderson. According to WBNG-TV. he is described as “a male nursing student enrolled at Binghamton University.” In addition, police also confirmed that Anderson’s death was not random, occurring at a home off campus.
Police also confirmed he left the United States after Anderson’s death, although he may have since returned to the country. At this time, his name was not revealed by police. An international manhunt has been instigated by police to find him.
UPDATE: Police later identified the “person of interest” as Orlando Tercero.

Reactions to Anderson’s passing on social media

In light of Anderson’s passing, the school issued the following statement on Facebook:

“The Binghamton University community is deeply saddened to learn of the death of senior nursing student Haley Anderson, whose death is being investigated by the Binghamton Police Department. There is no threat to public safety at this time. The investigation is continuing at this hour. Anyone with information can contact the Binghamton Police Detective Division at 607-772-7080 or 607-772-7082.”
“Our entire University community extends our deepest condolences to Haley’s family and friends, both here in Binghamton and in her hometown of Westbury, N.Y.”

The school is offering counseling services for students on campus who felt impacted by Anderson’s death.
Other people who knew Anderson if life offered their condolences on social media, as well. Athena Anadnostakos, a co-worker, told FOX40:

“She was a very good girl. She was friendly, joked around, we had a good time together.”

A GoFundMe page has been created for Anderson’s funeral fund, which already raised more than $9,000 within three days of her death; the page wrote the following:

“At just 22 years old, Haley’s life was tragically taken. Due to the unexpected nature of these events Haley’s family is not financially prepared for the costs of a funeral. Much like there are no words to describe the magnificent person we lost, there is no way to describe the way her family feels. She left behind a mother, a father, a younger sister, and a community that is still struggling to cope with her loss. If you can find it in your heart to help her family in this time of great sadness, any donations will be greatly appreciated and go directly to covering the cost of her funeral expenses.”

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