HBO's 'Andre the Giant' Documentary Is Going To Be Absolutely Fascinating

For many youngins like you and I, Andre the Giant is merely a myth.
I was born on March 5, 1993 (feel free and take a moment to wish me a Happy Birthday …….. thank you), meaning Andre the Giant died about 6 weeks before I was born, so by the time I did finally grace this Earth, he was no longer a man, but already a memory.
And because of that — despite his truly¬†legendary¬†(a word that is used far too often, yet certainly applies here) status — I never took the time to look into him, his career, and his life. But, luckily, that’s why we have HBO: they do the research for us and turn it into a highly entertaining, easily consumable¬†documentary.

The second of two trailers for the upcoming documentary, the latest look at Andre the Giant really gives you the sense that it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster filled with appearances from all different sorts of characters.
And we can’t wait.
The official synopsis for Andre The Giant, via HBO:

Comedians, actors and wrestlers alike remember Andre The Giant. HBO Sports, WWE, JMH Films and Ringer Films present Andre The Giant, a documentary examining the life and career of one of the most beloved figures in wrestling history.

Andre the Giant premieres on HBO on Sunday, April 10.

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