Mario Day 2018: Top 10 Games To Help Celebrate 'MAR10'

March 10 is Mario Day. Get it? March 10. MAR10. Get it? Well, I thought it was cute. Anyway, Mario is being celebrated throughout the world today with various promotions and whatnot, but we want to look at Mario’s past and some of the games that made him such an icon to begin with! He’s had plenty of games over the years, so there was certainly a lot to choose from!
For this list, it was important that Mario gets some major focus, although it is alright if he wasn’t technically the main character. Remember this is only my opinion, a tongue-in-cheek one at that! So, if you disagree, that’s perfectly fine. In fact, if you don’t see one of your favorite games mentioned here, please tell us in the comments!

Here’s Some Of Our Top 10 Mario Games!

Super Mario Bros.

Look, it is the original game, so we should give credit where credit is due. Unless of course, you factor in when he was “Jumpman” for those Donkey Kong games. In a formula that just keeps coming back, the game involves Mario and his brother, Luigi, saving Princess Toadstool (the primordial Princess Peach) from Bowser.

Super Mario Bros. 2

It also lets you choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad or even the princess. I like the variety. Once again, as an early game, it served as a gateway for many people into the Mario games.

 Super Mario 64

As the name implies, this was one of Nintendo 64’s launch games and one of its best-selling games. For a lot of people, it’s a gateway to Mario games. Essentially, the player has to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser while getting to explore her castle. There’s a fire realm, a ghost realm, and even an ice realm, where one of the games involves reuniting a baby penguin with its mother, complete with a fake baby penguin. Mostly, this game is fondly remembered because it let you throw the baby penguin off the cliff, even after you won the game! And they regenerate so there is no guilt! Added to that, Mario get a cake at the end!

Super Mario Kart

It’s the game that started a legacy, the Mario Go-Kart games! Google Maps even recently honored the mini-franchise for Mario Day with an app that lets you play as Mario in his kart while getting directions! In other words, when Google honors your accomplishments, you know you did good!

Super Mario World

An attempt to make an “epic adventure” for Mario, this game was praised during its initial release for its visuals and platform. Also, it introduces Yoshi, that alone

Super Mario 3D World

In many ways, this game was an homage to Super Mario Bros. 2, also letting the player choose between characters, each with the same skills as the previous game!

Super Mario Sunshine

It was just so funny to see them get mad. The plot involves Mario trying to clear his name (and the environment) after he is framed for being behind a pollution scheme at Delfino Island. You get to use a water-spraying jetpack and special juice to save the day. Yeah, I’m going with this game because it was kind of fun squirting those Piantas. It’s also nice to see Mario actually cleans things up for once; I mean, isn’t he supposed to be a plumber?

Paper Mario

It’s a nice art style and it was popular enough to inspire various spin-offs over the years, like Super Paper Mario or Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Super Princess Peach

Look, I know what you’re thinking. Technically, this isn’t a Mario game. That is technically true, but it is nice to see Peach get a story of her own. Also, Mario’s technically in the game. since Peach has to rescue him and Luigi! It’s nice to see him, after all those adventures, after all those times Peach was in yet another castle, to get a break for once, as much as being held captive is considered a break. Or, at the very least, that his girlfriend has his back as much as he does hers.

Super Mario Odyssey

Giving Peach her time in the sun is one thing, but making Mario’s hat the star of the show is just a whole different playing field! Technically, Cappy is merely a spirit possessing Mario’s hat, but his role means you get to play as a fireball, a dinosaur and more, all with Mario’s iconic mustache. One of the more recent games, let’s just say we hope Cappy is a character that will stay awhile!

Perla Morales-Luna Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
Perla Morales-Luna Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
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