Jesse Randal Davidson Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Dalton High School Shooter

A shooting occurred at Dalton High School shooting in Georgia, involving a teacher, later identified as Jesse Randal Davidson by police, barricading himself in a classroom while students tried to flee. During the time of the shooting, police confirmed that no students had been killed or hurt by gunfire, although at least one student was said to have been injured while running from the incident. The teacher is currently in police custody.

What happened?

On Facebook, the Dalton police department originally wrote the following message:

“UPDATE: The teacher involved in this morning’s incident is Jesse Randall Davidson, 53, social studies teacher. Also serves as play by play voice of the Dalton football team.”
“UPDATE: The subject is IN CUSTODY”
“UPDATE: Students are being taken to the Nw GA Trade and Convention Center. Parents should rendezvous with their students there.”

“Dalton Police officers are on scene at Dalton High School responding a report of shots fired. At the time, there is a barricaded subject in a classroom. Investigators believe it is a teacher. NO CHILDREN. HAVE BEEN INJURED. NO CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER. The area inside the school has been evacuated and there are no students believed to be in the school at this time. The school is locked down. DPD and Georgia State Patrol are responding.”
“PARENTS DO NOT COME TO DALTON HIGH. Students will be taken to the Northwest Georgia Trade Center. Parents should go there.”

According to AJC, Dalton police spokesman Bruce Frazier identified the teacher as Randall Davidson.
Students had been evacuated from the school by the time police arrived on the scene. Eventually, it came out that a teacher reportedly barricaded himself within a classroom with a gun.
Around 12:30 PM EST, police revealed on social media that the teacher was in police custody, although they were initially unable to identify the teacher.
According to NBC 11, the school also released the following statement:

“In response to a threat lock down at Dalton High School, students are being relocated to the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center at 2211 Dug Gap Battle Road. Parents and guardians should pick up their students at that location. DO NOT go to Dalton High School.”
“Dalton Police Department has confirmed that a subject is in custody and no children have been injured. The area has been secured. DPD and Georgia State Patrol are responding.”
“Student safety is always our first priority. Please be patient with us as we implement our emergency plan in conjunction with the Dalton Police Department.”

Police believe that only one shot was made during the incident.

Who is Jesse Randall Davidson?

Jesse Randal Davidson, also known as “Randall” or “Randal,” is believed to have been a social studies teacher and was involved with the school’s football team as an announcer, also working for a local radio station. He was 53 years old at the time of the incident and was a teacher at the school since 2004.
According to Metro UK, a student identified as Brooke Essex wrote on Twitter that Davidson previously wrote a note on February 21, threatening to hurt himself and others:

“Nowhere is safe.”
“From [the] post I’ve viewed, people are saying that he left a note last week stating he was going to harm himself and possibly others, but it [was ignored].”
“See what I mean. People think it’s a joke. This is not a game.”

As this story is developing, more information will be updated as made available. 

Jesse Randal Davidson Updates

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