Need To Play Catch Up Before The Oscars? Here's Every Best Picture Winner Ever.

So, maybe you’re not a cinephile (that’s a fancy word for you love movies.) Or perhaps you are, and you want to watch some great movies, but you don’t know where to begin. Lucky for you, Burger Fiction has made a video that lists every single Best Picture winner ever and even includes a clip from each of the movies.
From Wings, the inaugural winner of the Best Picture award in 1929, up to Moonlight, last year’s winner, you will definitely have no shortage of movies to watch on your next lazy Saturday. Sure, you might not like all of them, but there’s no denying that each one of these films has cemented their place in history as the best picture of that year. Unless it’s Shakespeare in Love which robbed Saving Private Ryan in 1998, then maybe they weren’t the best one that year but hey, that’s just one man’s opinion.
Check out the video below:

Maybe movies from the 1920s, 1930s and/or 1940s aren’t really your thing. After all, as good as they may be, they might not have aged all that well. In any case, you should definitely check out the previous ten Best Picture winners. If anything, it gives you plenty to talk about with your friends that are also movie lovers.
2007: The Departed
2008: No Country For Old Men
2009: Slumdog Millionaire
2010: The Hurt Locker
2011: The King’s Speech
2012: The Artist
2013: Argo
2014: 12 Years a Slave
2015: Birdman
2016: Spotlight
2017: Moonlight
The 2018 Oscars take place on March 4th, live from Los Angeles and they’re hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Take a look at our Oscar picks and all the viewing information you need for the 2018 Academy Awards here.

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