Top 10 Best Elton John Songs You Need Listen To Now

With a career spanning the decades, Elton John is expected to announce his retirement from touring after one final world tour.

The singer announced his retirement on social media, as seen above. In recent years, the singer has struggled with health issues, recently contracting a rare bacterial infection during a South American tour last year, which cause him to cancel shows in Las Vegas at the time. Retiring from making live performances will also give him time to spend with his family.

In some of his last performances, he is expected to perform a duet with Miley Cyrus at the 2018 Grammy Awards and will host a “Grammys Salute” concert the following Tuesday at Madison Square Garden.
Despite his retirement, we still have his music to cheer us up. After all, he has sold over 300 million albums and recorded more than fifty Top 40 hits! To honor John, let’s take a look at a Top 10 of some of his favorite songs.
Remember, if there’s a song you like not mentioned, vote for it as a write-in in the poll below! Look, the man has been working since the Sixties. If I made a list of all his songs, we’d be here all week!

Top 10 Elton John Songs

“Saturday Night’s Alright”

No one can agree on what the full name of this song is, so bear with me. Still, it’s the perfect song to go in your Saturday night playlist. I mean, it’s in the title. I think…

“Rocket Man”

I don’t care that ol’ Billy Shatner’s “spoken-word” version became the original meme. This song works better when put to music. Most songs work better when put to music.

“Tiny Dancer”

Sure, it may have taken decades for this song to finally get a music video but, sometimes, things are just worth the wait!

“Bennie & The Jets”

Just in case you need to ask, Benny and his Jets are meant to be a fictional band that the narrator of the song is a fan of. Don’t look at me like that! Like you weren’t wondering…

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”

This song has appeared in many movies, like Ella Enchanted or Gnomeo & Juliet (actually, that whole film was basically an Elton John soundtrack with gnomes!) He’s performed this song with various partners over the years, even Miss Piggy! How do you top that!

“I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”

The one time you’ll be happy to get a little “blue” is listening to this song.

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

Some of you first heard this song used in commercials advertising The Wizard of Oz airing as an Easter or Thanksgiving special. Just like that story, the message is that sometimes what you need was with you all the time.

“Crocodile Rock”

Whether or not this song has anything to do with crocodiles is a riddle for the ages. Also, he performed it with the Muppets. The man was clearly born to work with Muppets.

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”

Disney would probably come after me if I didn’t put one of the songs he wrote for them on this list.

“Circle of Life”

I stand by my last statement. That said, he didn’t actually sing the version that appeared in the åctual film, beyond the credits, but people have a Mandela effect on him singing this song. If anything else, I do not question the Mandela effect.

“Still Standing”

Some of you may have first heard this song in Sing, but nobody can do it like Elton. It’s the perfect feel-good song for a flash-mob or to set your various revenge schemes around!

What is your favorite Elton John song?

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