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Madeline Entine, a sorority sister at Ohio State University, is suing the school after officials told her to move out of her dorm because her service dog was causing another student to have allergic reactions.
Entine, a sophomore who suffers from panic attacks, lived with her support dog Cory who knows when she is having an episode, cause her to she have fewer attacks.
The student and her dog were forced to move out after OSU sophomore Carly Goldman complained that the inflamed her allergies and triggered her Crohn’s disease.
Both students Both live in the Chi Omega sorority house at The Ohio State University.
via CNN:

Madeleine Entine, a sophomore, sued the school’s ADA coordinator for forcing her and her service dog to move. She says the school violated the Americans with Disability Act and the Fair Housing Act in making its decision. Entine says she suffers from panic attacks, ones so severe they interfere with her daily activities.
“The panic attacks restrict her breathing ability and cause her to hyperventilate. They also cause her muscles to lock up and prevent her from walking on her own,” court documents said. So Entine gets relief from Cory, a service dog. Cory is trained to climb on her stomach and apply pressure. That helps bring her relief so she can restore her ability to breathe and move, court documents say. He also helps her have less frequent attacks.
Court documents say Cory exacerbates the other sister’s “allergies and asthma, which, in turn, causes a flare-up of Housemate’s Crohn’s disease.” According to court filings, the dog is regularly played with by others throughout the house.

The university offered to move either student to other housing, however, they both refused.

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