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James Orlando Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

James Orlando

Source: GoFundMe Screenshot

A junior student at the Fox School of Business, James Orlando, was found dead in an off-campus apartment, making him the second student at the school to endure a sudden death this week.

Two students, James Orlando and Michael Paytas, have been found dead within a week’s span

Orlando had been pronounced dead after police came to the scene. At this time, foul play is not suspected, although his official cause of death is still under investigation, through the city’s Medical Examiner’s Office.

Orlando is not the only student attending the school to have died this week. Another student, Michael Paytas, attending the school, was also found dead earlier in the week at the school’s Paley Library the previous Monday. He had initially been found unresponsive but was later proclaimed dead while at the hospital.

In a statement, according to Temple News, university officials have released the following:

We are extremely saddened by the passing of James Orlando, a third-year business student from Reading, Pennsylvania. He was 20 years old. We grieve alongside everyone who knew James and encourage all members of the Temple community to think of and pray for his loved ones.

A friend of Orlando, Zach Williams, had set up a GoFundMe page to help his family, called the “James Orlando Memorial Fund.” As the page reads:

James was a carefree fun loving [sic] guy, he cherished moments with his friends. He was always first to crack a joke to ease tension and the first to make someone feel welcome.

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