University Spends An Insane Amount Of Money To Create A ‘Social Justice And Gender Equity’ Center

Santa Monica College is dishing out a staggering amount of cash to create a ‘Social Justice and Gender Equity’ center. From this fund, they’ll be spending an estimated $60k to revamp a computer lab into a safe space. In total, this California college will be doling out $500k to prop up an enviornment of ‘Social Justice and Gender Equity.’

Dr. Nancy Grass, dean of student life at Santa Monica College, led the charge in spearheading the campaign to establish the ‘Social Justice and Gender Equity’ center, which is reportedly the most money the school’s student government has spent in the history of Santa Monica College.

“The administration is basically demanding that the student government spend more money on anything that it has in the entire history of [Santa Monica College], all at once, without any significant discussion,” said Lee Peterson, supervisor of the school’s computer lab, in an interview with The Stringer.

What will you find in the $500k ‘Social Justice and Gender Equity’ Center? I’m curious…

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Santa Monica College stands with the @CaliforniaCommunityColleges Chancellor’s Office—and hundreds of other educational and business organizations—in affirming that our ‘Dreamer’ students are as integral a part of our community as anyone else. Here at Santa Monica College, we remain committed to serving our Dreamers, to help them fulfill their life’s dreams and aspirations; this college will continue to be a safe environment for all students and personnel. We will work to provide the greatest support to students affected by this decision, and campus and student leaders alike have already rallied in solidarity as well as to provide resources. SMC joins the Chancellor’s Office and all the other voices that will advocate determinedly in Congress for an effective solution to this issue, to end a cruel and unnecessary action that goes against the interests of local communities and our country at large. Read full statement at

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Inside the half-million-dollar center, you’ll encounter “a Safe Space for Undocumented Students, DACA Students, LGBTQ+ Community, Religious Practice, and many more,” according to Ben Kolodny, vice president of Santa Monica’s Small Gov Club.

Over 300 students responded to the $500k center by signing a petition calling the whole project “a huge waste of student resources.”

Kolodny wrote up the petition in an attempt to “Save the Cayton Center!” He said that on Monday, December 24, the school will replace the Cayton Center Computer lab with a “Social Justice Center and Safe Space.”

Associated Students president Jennifer Chen seemed to praise the development of the center by looking on the bright side, as the renovation will reportedly come with more computers and printers for students to use.

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