#AdviceForSanta: Must-See Funny Twitter Posts & Reactions

#AdviceForSanta is trending worldwide on Twitter. Many people are getting a head start on Christmas with hilarious tweets, sending out their own personal advice for Santa Claus. And as you can tell by some of these Tweet, there are many big boys and girls being very naughty this year…

Seriously. Stop kink-shaming Santa…

Perhaps not the best design?#AdviceForSanta pic.twitter.com/UY7OmE8w2N

— Michael Clarke (@Mr_Mike_Clarke) December 2, 2017

Alright, this Tweet is lewd, crude, and kinda nude…


Too soon for #MeToo jokes, buddy. #TooSoonForMeToo…

Santa,don't kiss mommy under the mistletoe! otherwise it'll be a #HerToo / #MeToo😉 thing#AdviceForSanta pic.twitter.com/Tn1bglB7Ll

— jetfanglo (@jetfanglo) December 2, 2017

Mr. Weinstein is definitely getting something nasty in his stocking this year…

#AdviceForSanta those that don't believe in you don't deserve gifts . . . pic.twitter.com/ptMkjWqtjr

— Delictum 🆒 (@delictum) December 2, 2017

Santa doesn’t get stoned, does he?

Eat the cookies #AdviceForSanta pic.twitter.com/nQ3IJZbs7y

— CJ Vercetti (@VercettiCJ) December 1, 2017

That’s my kinda Claus!

Get some hot ride! #AdviceForSanta pic.twitter.com/1mb289LWpu

— Andrew Goldman (@Andrew__Goldman) December 2, 2017

I wonder if the rosy-cheeked Santa take away the orange-toned tickler’s access to nuclear weapons…

#AdviceForSanta Please take the nuke button away from Trump. pic.twitter.com/hgQEIkeP9f

— Just Joe (@dannon787) December 2, 2017

Here’s a little advice from former WWE Champion and internet funnyman The Iron Shiek. Shieky baby has some advice for old St. Nick…

EVEN THE JABRONI DESERVE GIFT #AdviceForSanta pic.twitter.com/CAEgSZ5Rez

— The Iron Sheik (@the_ironsheik) December 1, 2017

Santa never sent Hillary an orange suit because, maybe, Kris Kringle has other plans in mind… Yuge plans…

Reroute all gifts for the Trumps and Jared Kushner to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, c/o the Warden. No sharp objects, neckties, or nail files permitted.
Actually, make it coal all around.#AdviceForSanta pic.twitter.com/789P7Mtrtf

— Pièce de Résistance (@PieceDeReSister) December 2, 2017

Star Wars crossover for Santa?


When delivering my presents.
The "Chimney" is a small thermal exhaust port just below the main port… pic.twitter.com/3BaWVKsLao

— 🌐Darth Vader No1™🌐 (-o-)🎄 (@Darth_VaderNo1) December 2, 2017

Santa got those CliffNotes tho, bro…

No one read Obamacare bill. SHUT UP. #AdviceForSanta https://t.co/kkc3H2hetd

— Jorge 🇺🇸 MAGA (@AmericanMex067) December 2, 2017

When did Santa have a liberal bias? Was it the free gifts? Must have been the presents…

please bring the GOP some compassion for people less fortunate than they are.

— DrFreda (@DrFredGodfrey) December 2, 2017

I don’t think Santa wants to commit suicide just yet…


Here’s something nearly everyone can agree on…

Hook up @SnoopDogg just because … pic.twitter.com/bl2QDvrzdV

— Stevius As F*ck (@steviusthegreat) December 2, 2017

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