Check Out The Ohio State Buckeyes New All-White Football Uniforms

Ohio State has just unveiled a new all-white jersey for their Buckeyes players. This special alternative uniform will only be featured in their game against the Michigan Wolverines this Saturday, but who knows? The boys from Ohio State may like their new uniforms so much that they’ll rock it for the rest of the season.

Earlier this season, the Buckeyes unveiled an unusual all-gray alternative uniform. The new all-white garb for Ohio State is very similar to their earlier gray uniform, as they both have the same helmet and detailed pattern.

Nike released a statement, promoting the Buckeyes’ new attire…

“It’s the first time this season that the team will wear all-white jerseys and pants (incorporating the Nike Vapor Untouchable Speed uniform). Gray accents and a metallic silver pattern throughout the uniform honor the Buckeyes’ tradition of toughness and remind their rivals of their hard earned (and re-earned) nickname, the Silver Bullets, which describes the squad’s historically staunch defense.”

You can catch the game between the Buckeyes and the Wolverines this Saturday at 12:00 P.M. (EST) on FOX. It may just snow in Ann Arbor, Michigan, when the boys from Ohio State come through in their fresh all-white uniforms…

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