Consider Pandora's Box Opened: Mother Asks Trump To Free Her Son From Chinese Prison

The mother of a former Candian and Arena Football League player is asking President Donald Trump to assist in her son’s release from a Chinese prison as he did for the UCLA players.
Antoinette Brown says that her son Wendell has been behind bars for a year since getting into a bar fight in the town of Chongqing. Brown is hoping that President Trump will use his influence in Beijing the same way he did for Liangelo Ball and other UCLA players.
Brown has also said she would be willing to give him full credit and would thank him “over and over”, seemingly all the President wants.

Her son, Wendell Brown, 30, is a former three-year starting linebacker at Ball State, where he graduated in 2009. Following his graduation, Brown played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League and coached as an assistant at Adrian College, a D-III program in Michigan.
Brown would eventually move to Chongqing, China to teach English and football. Brown’s life in China was going fine, until he was arrested following a bar fight, and has been in jail ever since.
via Yahoo Sports:

Life was great until Sept. 24, 2016, when Brown attended a birthday party for a friend at a bar. As Wendell’s side tells it, he struggled to blend in when out on the town because many Chinese assumed he was either rich or famous. That night some men wanted to drink with him, but Brown declined. They got angry and a dispute broke out. Brown was later arrested for hitting a man and causing him to lose an eye. Brown claimed he never hit anyone and only raised his arms to block bottles being thrown at him.
Regardless, Brown was taken to the Chongqing Jiangbei detention center. He had never before been arrested. Faced with no American-style bail available, no discovery process about the evidence against him and a confusing array of laws that bear little resemblance to the United States, he’s spent the past 14 months in a Chinese jail.

While the Brown’s hired a lawyer in China who was allowed to speak with Wendell, they were told that the way for this to end was to come up with $100,000 as restitution.

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