National Fast Food Day Deals 2017: Where & How To Get Deals On Fast Food

Happy National Fast Food Day! On November 16, America honors those yummy, but greasy fries and burgers. Many fast food chains are taking advantage of this special holiday entirely dedicated to them and their bleeching consumers. Cheers to all the cheap and quickly made food across the United States! Hopefully, there’s no regretable stomach ache following today’s celebration.

Excited about the deals for National Fast Food Day? Well before you dig into the deals, here’s a little fast food education. White Castle is the first fast food chain, originally introduce in Witchita, Kansas, in the year 1921. McDonalds, on the other hand, is the first restaurant to use an assembly-line system.

Alright, let’s get to those deals…

National Fast Food Day Deals 2017: Where & How To Get Deals On Fast Food

McDonalds: Buy One, Get One

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The infamous golden arches (McDonalds) is offering a buy one, get one free deal. When you download the McDonald’s app, you’ll see all the different deals for National Fast Food Day. Right now, you can get free hash browns along with the purchase of a breakfast sandwich. A buy one, get one free McGriddle deal is also available on the app. The buy one, get one free option is also available for McCafe beverages.

During lunch and dinner, the app will feature offers for a free medium fries with the purchase of a signature sandwich, as well as a free shake with a large meal purchase. And if you’re order reaches $7 or more, you can use the app to subtract $1 off the total balance.

You might also see the McRib at your McDonalds, but that’s only if it is a participating location.

Burger King: 2-For Deals

Burger King has load of deals for this holiday season (National Fast Food Day). You’ll be able to download all the coupons off their website. For $3.49, you’ll be get to take home 2 cheeseburgers, 1 small order of fries and 1 small drink. You can also buy two Whoppers for $6, and two breakfast sandwiches for $4.

Have it your way on National Fast Food Day!

Arby’s: Free Sandwich

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Looking for a free classic roast beef sandwich with the purchase of a drink? You’ll be able to get that tasty sandwich once you sign up for Arby’s email notifications and print out the coupon for the deal. The best part of this deal is it isn’t just for National Fast Food Day. You can use this coupon anytime you want.

Subway: Free 6″ Sub

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Once you sign up for weekly coupons, a coupon will be sent to your phone. You’ll receive a coupon for free 6-inch sub with the purchase of a 30oz drink. What’s great about this deal is that it also isn’t just for National Fast Food Day. You can use this offer anytime. All you need to do is sign for this week’s weekly coupon by providing your phone number and zip code. And if you don’t want any texts, you can opt out of receiving text messages at any time.

Taco Bell Deals

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Before 11 A.M., you’ll have a wide variety of food priced at only $1. Check out the Taco Bell app for more deals on National Fast Food Day.

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