Slick Willy's Appearance On 'Conan' Is A Must-Watch

A lot of 90’s kids are big fans of Slick Willy.
I was born in 1993, meaning I’ve lived through four Presidents: Slick Willy, Dubya, Barry O, and the star of The Apprentice. And shockingly, out of all those names, Slick Willy was the least controversial — that’s just how wild the last 24 years have been in this country– that BILL CLINTON is the President we remember most fondly. The dude who copped a bloj in the Oval Office is the most likable President I’ve lived through. What a world.
Anyway, Clinton was on Conan last night for a wide-ranging interview, discussing everything from what he misses most about being President, the opioid epidemic, working in a grocery store, and puberty.

While Clinton isn’t necessarily a hero to everybody, he does have his moments of success and having a theme song is a good feeling. Walking around with a speaker shirt on to give yourself one just isn’t the same and will likely end with you shirtless and bleeding along the side of the road. Being president allows you to achieve this the right way and without any harm coming to you — hopefully.
Clinton then turned up the charm a bit by recounting his days as a grocery boy, discussing how he used that quick Clinton wit to secure his job as a bag boy, and then moved on to sell used comics. It’s like Mayberry brought back to life.
To drive the young Clinton days home, the former president shares his own #PuberMe photo for a little comparison with Conan. Clinton has the slick hair and chubby cheeks you’d expect while Conan looks like he has just seen a ghost and it informed him that Howdy Doody wasn’t real. Young Conan truly sells the idea that the host never grew up, he just got a taller with better hair.

Seeing President’s tell stories about their Presidency is like seeing a teacher outside of school: strange yet always fascinating.

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Kether Donohue Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures
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