'South Park' Is Back And Is "Doubling Down" Tonight With Episode 7 Of The New Season










Tonight’s episode of South Park focuses on the troubled relationship between Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner. And oh, Kyle is going to be get involved somehow, and pressure Heidi into breaking up with his frenemy Cartman. Kyle simply doesn’t understand why Heidi is still with Cartman, who is a total dick. This break-up will likely leave poor little Eric in tears.
Or will Cartman be totally stoked to break up with that clingy Heidi?


Cartman acts hyped about the break-up in front of the boys at sküle, but later on, he cries his little heart out on Token Black’s doorstep. Token’s mom lets in the crying Cartman despite protesting words from her son. Obviously, Cartman pisses off Token too.
Excited about tonight’s new episode of South Park? Look below and find out what you need to know, so you can watch tonight’s show on your TV, PC, tablet or mobile device.

South Park “Doubling Down” Comedy Central Viewing Details

Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Time: 10:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: Comedy Central
Live Stream: Comedy Central
Starring: Matt Stone, and Trey Parker

How To Watch South Park Live Stream Online

Looking to live stream another hilarious episode of South Park? You can go on Comedy Central’s official website for the show’s official live stream. But you’re going to need to log-in with your cable provider information to get access to that sweet content.
Follow this link and you can watch “Doubling Down” right now! Earlier today, Comedy Central released the entire episode online before it premieres on their network. Watch it anytime you want.

How To Live Stream South Park “Doubling Down” on Mobile

Are you the type of bro who likes to watch TV shows on your phone? Well, you’re in luck! You can watch your beloved brethren for one last season on the Comedy Central App. You can download this app on Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, iPhone and iPad, Google Play, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

How To Watch South Park Online Without a Cable Subscription

Don’t have a cable subscription? Don’t sweat it. Binge on the 21st season of South Park with an awesome live stream. You can watch it live through DIRECTV NOW. You’ll get a free seven-day membership with DIRECTV NOW. And seven days worth of free service sounds pretty sweet to me.

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