Michigan Teacher Exacts Revenge On Student By Sharing Their Browser History

It is wise to always remember and heed the golden rule of the internet: always delete your browsing history. Don’t even bookmark. And when all else fails, get a hammer and do what must be done to take “care” of your laptop. In the end, if someone gets a hold of your browsing history, no matter how innocent, it will be used against you, and it will burn. Students taking a course from the University of Michigan learned this the hard way when their professor got revenge for them not paying attention in class by making a slideshow of their browsing history.

I don’t know what’s weirder…that college kids have over $200 to spend on turtle necks or that they think they can breed dragons

Normally, students are allowed to bring laptops and other similar devices to class to take notes, and occasionally because they use online e-books. However, Meg Veitch, a professor of the “EARTH 222/ENVIRON 232” course at the Michigan school, learned the hard way just how students were taking advantage of that. Making use of the shared network, however, she had the last laugh.

Browsing History

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According to College Times, the list included such gems as the “Chipotle menu,” “Hamilton tickets,” “Pornography,” “Breeding Dragons” and “Buying $240 worth of turtle necks [sic].” Other oddly specific search results included looking at pictures of sliced bread and photoshopping images of the president onto pictures of the Muppets.
In a way, this is just the modern version of making students read their notes out loud in class, or humiliating the kid who draws in their notebook. Still, this is college; are you really going to not pay attention in a class that you actually paid to take? I mean, at least elementary school kids who pull this did not have a choice in the matter!

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