#ThingsIdOnlyAdmitUnderOath: Must-Read Funny Posts To Confess Your Sins To

Have you got a secret? Promise not to tell? Even when you’re standing by a wishing well? Okay, I’m done with that. On Twitter, a new popular trend is admitting your darkest secret under the hashtag, #ThingsIdOnlyAdmitUnderOath. It seems somewhat counterproductive to tell the world what you want to keep private, but it’s always healthy to get things off your chest.
Of course, this is merely Twitter. I’m sure that most people won’t take anything you say seriously in the first place. What a perfect place to confess all of your secret crimes…then you’d be the last person anyone would expect! It’s fool-proof!

Sure, you need a priest to make a confession, but think of this as a stepping stone

Do you have any secrets you want to own up to?

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#MyRelationshipWasOverWhen: Must-See Posts Giving Relationship Advice
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