Halloween Candy 2017: Here’s The Most Popular Treats By State

Halloween Candy 2017

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Halloween just keeps getting closer and closer, and we’ve talked about costumes, parties, and even festive wine you can enjoy for the holiday. However, it seems like we narrowly forget what mattered most: the candy. Even if you are too old to dress us and ask people for candy, or have children you’ll walk with this year, you should probably invest buying some candy to give out before people start throwing things at your house. It’s also a good precaution to buy candy kids actually like, otherwise, you’ll still get people throwing things at your house. Offers.com has said that the average consumer will spend about $25.57 on candy this year, and, to help you spend that money wisely, made a list of the most popular candies. Added to that, their survey, which concerns 1,000 U.S. consumers, said that 35% will be giving out candy, so you can’t afford to mess up this year.

In news that surprised no one, candy corn did not make it on the list!


How Many States Said It Was Their Favorite?: 32%

Kit Kat

How Many States Said It Was Their Favorite?: 19%


How Many States Said It Was Their Favorite?: 18%


How Many States Said It Was Their Favorite?: 17%


How Many States Said It Was Their Favorite?: 7%


How Many States Said It Was Their Favorite?: 7%

What is the Most Popular Candy in Your State?

Depending on where you live, some candies might be more popular than others. Take a look below. Let’s just say that people

In case you’re having problems figuring out the winners in the smaller states, or just have no idea what your state looks like, we’ll make it easy for you: Arkansas, Colorado and Georgia like Kit Kats, while Rhode Island and Kansas like M&M’s. Virtually every other state choose Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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