Creative Halloween Costumes 2017: Top 10 Creative Costumes For Him

It’s finally October and while Halloween may not be until the end of the month; it’s never too early to get working on a great Halloween costume that’ll blow all your friends away! While everyone’s rushing to get a last minute Darth Vader costume or an ill-fitting Spider-Man suit; we’ve got you covered on costumes that’ll make the star of any Halloween party.
From movies to television pop culture, whether you wanna sport your love for IT or Stranger Things we’ve got you covered with current and fresh creative Halloween costumes for men this year!
Check our picks for the Top 10 Creative Costumes for Men:

1. Georgie from IT

Warner Bros. Pictures
While everyone is rushing to get together their “Pennywise the Dancing Clown” costumes, show your love for 2017’s scary-as-hell “It” by dressing up as the true hero of the movie, Georgie.
What to Wear:

  • Yellow Rain Jacket
  • Green Rain
  • Jeans

To spice up the costume (and take us back to Georgie’s untimely death), tear off one of the jacket’s arms, douse a little fake blood on it and somehow hide the arm that would go through the hole. Now run around town screaming “You’ll float too!”

2. The Night King


With Winter fully raging in the land of Westeros, show your love for the White Walkers by dressing up as their HBIC, The Night King.
What to Wear:

  • Ice Blue contact lenses.
  • Frosted dark blue makeup.
  • Plain armor spray painted with frosty white.
  • Horns on your head.

This costume is pretty easy to pull off as it only requires you to act super menacing and raising your hands to control your undead army.

3. Dustin Henderson


With Halloween and Stranger Things Season 2 hitting at around the same time, why not show your love for the Hawkins crew by dressing up as the lovable Dustin Henderson.
What to Wear:

  • Red, White and Blue Trucker Hat – Amazon
  • Jean Jacket
  • Curly Brown Wig – Amazon
  • Green T-Shirt

4. Rick Sanchez

Adult Swim
With Season 3 just wrapping up, it’s the perfect time to get a Rick Sanchez outfit ready for Halloween… and if you’ll be drunk most of Halloween, this costume is a perfect match!
What to Wear: 

  • Blue Spiked Wig – Amazon
  • Teal Long Sleeve Shirt
  • White Lab Coat
  • Khakis
  • Rick’s Portal Gun – Amazon
  • Booze
  • Paint on Blue Unibrow

Stay blackout drunk and keep shouting intellectual nonsense at people until they think you’re the smartest man in the universe… or just some dumb drunk with a unibrow.

5. Morty Smith

Adult Swim

If you still wanna dress up and a Rick & Morty character and Rick isn’t your style, going out on Halloween night as a Morty may be your best bet! Luckily with the show’s expanding universe there are now plenty of Morty’s to choose from to help you stand out among the rest!
What to Wear:

  • Morty Mask & Shirt – Amazon
  • Jeans
  • White Sneakers

In case you’re trying to “spice up” your Morty outfit check out: Attorney Morty, Evil Morty, Hobo Morty, or throw on a wig and be Girl Morty.

6. Jon Snow


You may have dressed as Jon Snow for previous Halloweens but this one has a special significance because it’s the first time you can dress as “The One True King” for Halloween!
What to Wear: 

  • Replica Jon Snow Jacket & Gloves – Amazon
  • Black Pants
  • Black Boots
  • Fake Sword

To take full effect of this costume, go for a more battle worn look as Jon did just fight for his life in the North! Plus, with no new Game of Thrones until 2019, take advantage of this Halloween!

7. Eggsy Unwin (Kingsman)

20th Century Fox
Screw James Bond, with the recent release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle take advantage of this Halloween to try and act like your best cheeky British spy.
What to Wear: 

  • Three Piece Suit
  • Oxford Shoes (never Brogues)
  • Wood Umbrella – Amazon
  • Fake Glasses

A true Kingsman only drinks scotch and has never ha problems in any situation so take on this costume if you’re feeling adventurous this Halloween.

8. Star-Lord

Marvel Studios / Disney

Channel your inner inter-galactic badass this Halloween by dressing as everyone’s favorite, Star-Lord! With this easy to put together outfit, you’ll be hooked on a feeling all summer long!
What to Wear: 

  • Star-Lord Replica Jacket – Amazon
  • Black Leather Pants
  • Boots
  • Walkman – Amazon

9. Aquaman

Warner Bros. Pictures
With the release of Justice League coming this November, be ahead of the rest of the pack by dressing as (who’s sure to be the breakout star of Justice League), Aquaman.
What to Wear:

  • Official Aquaman Costume – Amazon

10. Thor

Marvel Studios / Disney

Thor’s got a new look in his latest upcoming movie, Thor Ragnarok, and with its incoming release this November get ahead of people by sporting his new look!
What to Wear:

  • Official Thor Ragnarok Costume – Amazon

Thor’s looking a little more “human” in this new movie so take it up a notch with you hammy-ness in this costume!

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