Halloween Dog Costumes 2017: Top 10 Best Pet Costume Ideas

Our four-legged friends give us a lot of love and friendship, so it’s only fair that we include them in all our Halloween fun. According to ABC News, at least 16% of people are dressing up their pets for All Hallows Eve this year. Even if you don’t have a costume in which you can use them as an accessory (i.e. all those Dorothy’s and their Toto’s out there), pet stores throughout the country have costume contests throughout October. You don’t even need a reason…just dress up them up for the fun of it! The National Retail Federation has listed the top 10 costumes for pets this year.

Look at the Top 10 choices for dogs this year!

1. Pumpkin

Pumpkin, Halloween

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The staple costume of babies also works well for puppies…who knew? Just keep them away from coffee shops. October is a really scary time for pumpkins.

2. Hot Dog

Dogs, Halloween, Hot Dog

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Don’t worry, if it’s too cold to go trick-or-treating, you can always make them dress up as a Chili Dog instead!

3. Dog, Lion or Pirate (Tied)

Pirate, Halloween, Dogs

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There had been a tie for dog costumes, pirate costumes, and lion costumes. Personally, I blame that Amazon commercial for the surplus in lion costumes. Wait, how can dogs go out in dog costumes? They are dogs! Are cats going trick-or-treating incognito this year?

4. Bumblebee

Halloween, Bee, Dog

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If nothing else, this costume can also be used in various evil schemes to trick bees into giving you their honey. Sure, honeybees and bumblebees have their differences, but what do they know? They’re bees!

5. Devil

Halloween, Dog, Devil

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Sure, “Dog” is “God” spelled backward, but we all know that dogs can indulge their dark-side on Halloween, just to get it out of their system. Besides, “devil-dogs” also make pretty good snack-cakes.

6. Batman Character

Halloween, Batman, Dog

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All those years with dogs have Ace the Bat-Hound to look up to, they finally decided to go the extra level and became Batman himself.

7. Ghost

Halloween, Ghost, Dog

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Be warned, your neighbors will be given the unavoidable urge to give you and your pet rocks instead of candy if they see you dressed like a bedsheet ghost. And in all honesty, you and your dog deserve nothing more and nothing less. If it’s too scary, they can go the extra mile and be a ghost-buster!

8. Cat

Halloween, Dog, Cat

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Game over, man, dogs are becoming cats, and cats are probably becoming dogs. I don’t think I want to live on this planet anymore. Unless, of course, this is all part of some evil plan to let dogs take down cats from the ground-up. I’d be okay with that.

9. Witch

Halloween, Witch, Dog

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Sure, today, we associate black cats with witches, but in ancient Greece, Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and the night, had dogs as her patron animals. Besides, look at how cute your pug will look in a pointed hat and matching cape!

10. Star Wars Character


If your dog is short in stature, what better choice than Yoda as a costume! Bonus points if they already have pointed ears! Further bonus points if your dog fits the above description and also happens to be green! What? What did I say?



What does your dog want to be for Halloween this year?

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