Wednesday Night Protest At The University Of Michigan Turns Violent

Protests over the University of Michigan‘s handling of racist acts of vandalism turned violent on Wednesday night. One person was arrested after a fight broke out.
The protest started on Wednesday around 7:30PM when approximately 150 students began marching at the steps of Union’s Rogel Ballroom to meet with University administrators, including President Mark Schlissel and Chief Diversity Officer Robert Sellers.
The meeting, which was scheduled to address students’ dissatisfaction at the administration’s failure to find and punish the people that wrote racist slurs on campus and on three black students doors, ended after about 30 minutes, leading into the protest.

via MLive:

The administration heard the concerns of students, who spoke about frustration over the lack of results in catching perpetrators of racist acts of vandalism for about 30 minutes before Schlissel had to leave for another engagement.
Students then marched back down the stairs and onto South State Street, where some began to block the roadway. A fight broke out about 8:15 p.m. between a black UM student protester and an unknown white man, who was taken into custody in a UM police car following the altercation. A bystander sent MLive and the Ann Arbor News a video that appears to show the white man using a racist term prior to the fight.
No additional information was available at the scene of the altercation, after which Ann Arbor police and UM police blocked traffic on State Street and South University where the students were protesting. Following the altercation, students continued to protest outside the president’s home, where they left signs on his door from the protest before dispersing at around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

According to MLive, the unidentified white man in the above video was taken into custody in a University of Michigan police car.

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