Niagara College Will Be Offering A Weed Growing Program, And We're Officially Living In The Future

Yes, you read that headline correctly. There’s actually going to be a college-credited program that will train its students on the best ways to grow marijuana. Dang, how times have changed. I remember sitting in a high school classroom in the dead of summer, with the science teacher saying that “one joint is as harmful as 10 cigarettes,” all while not providing one shred of evidence to back up his claims. It’s time to leave that nasty propaganda in the past and welcome that sticky icky of the future.
According to a media release, the program is one year in length and is designed to help students get into the legal weed market and become federally-licensed producers. At this moment, there are only 58 licensed producers of medical cannabis in Canada. Once pot becomes legal, the recreational market will open up to limitless opportunities.
Niagara College Weed Growing Program: Full Story & Must-See Details
Grads of Niagara’s weed growing program will become “Greenhouse and Controlled Environment Technicians,” equipped to understand and steer through the federal government’s strict laws around growing cannabis, said Al Unwin, associate dean of Niagara College’s School of Environmental and Horticultural Studies, in the release.
Unwin said, “Driven by legislative changes in Canada and abroad, there is a growing labour market need, and education will be a key component of the success of this emerging industry.”

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