West Windsor Police Standoff: Full Story & Must-See Details

A police standoff in West Windsor, Michigan, ended with one person dead. Authorities say that the standoff is related to a shooting in Amherstburg that left a 31-year-old man in a Detroit hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Just before noon on Friday, Windsor police surround a home on Betts Ave, just off Tecumseh Road. When officers enter the house, they discovered a dead man inside.

Neighbour Gerry Lemire shares his perspective on the police standoff. He said, “We were just sitting watching TV and all of sudden, all these vehicles started coming around so we just come out and started watching what is going on.”

Travis Reitsma is a resident in the area and said that cops just wanted to speak to the man inside the house. Reitsma said, “Cops every once in a while will put their sirens on and talk to the person inside and they say his name and tell him he is wanted for attempted murder and encourage him to come out with his hands up.”

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