Catherine Hoggle: Full Story & Must-See Details On Double Child Murder Suspect

A Maryland mother has been charged with double homicide for two of her own children who went missing three years ago. On Friday afternoon, the mother Catherine Hoggle appeared in court, where a judge ordered that she be held without bond and sent for further psychological evaluation. On Thursday night, Hoggle was indited for the alleged murder of her two children.
Hoggle didn’t appear in court in-person. But she did appear via closed-circuit TV to respond to her double murder indictment. She was sent back to Perkins Hospital in Jessup, Maryland. The judge ordered that the defendant be held without bail and be sent for further psychological evaluation despite the defense arguing that Hoggle had already been psychologically evaluated.
Catherine Hoggle’s two children disappeared on September 14, 2014. She had a two-year son named Jacob and a four-year daughter named Sarah. Hoggle is reportedly the last person to see her children alive.
The suspect has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and has reportedly refuses to disclose the location of her two children. Doctors had previously ruled that she was incompetent to stand trial.
On Thursday, she was moved from a mental hospital to a jail cell, directly as a result of the indictment against her. However, the judge has shipped her back to the same hospital for further psychological evaluation.
David Felsen, the attorney of Catherine Hoggle, told FOX 5 on Thursday night that he had not been aware of new charges against his client, but was curious to see the outcome of Friday’s hearing.
Hoggle’s mother, Lauren DeMarco told FOX 5 on Friday Night that she also was not aware of her daughter’s pending murder charges. However, she was not surprised.
DeMarco said, “They had to charge her with something.”

Here’s A Computer Simulation: How Hoggle’s Children Might Look If They Were Alive Now

How her children might look now
In July, Troy Turner, the father of the two missing children, wished his son Jacob a happy birthday on Facebook and prayed that he was still alive.
“I feel like this post should be about how big he’s gotten,” wrote Turner. “I’m just praying they’re still alive.”
Turner understands that it’s very unlikely that his children are still alive. However, he hasn’t given up hope just yet.
He said, “If someone out there does have my son and my daughter, please tell them daddy loves them so much, and please give them both hugs for me and wish Jacob a happy birthday.”

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