McDonald’s Employee Gives Birth In Restaurant, Attempts To Flush Baby Down Toilet

Sarah Lockner, a 25-year-old California McDonald’s employee, was arrested after giving birth inside a McDonald’s bathroom and then trying to flush the baby down the toilet.

Lockner, 25, was working a night shift at a Redwood City, California McDonald’s on Monday, September 4, when she started complaining of stomach pains.

According to the Daily Journal, Lockner’s boss allowed her to leave early, however, when she clocked out around 10PM, she didn’t leave and went into the bathroom.

via The Daily Journal:

One female employee went to check on her soon after and found her in a closed restroom stall with a large pool of blood surrounding it. Another female employee checked on her shortly after that, peeking over the closed door of the stall to find her holding a newborn baby to the toilet, according to prosecutors.

Just after the employee stepped down to get help, she heard the toilet flush and Lockner asking her not to call police. The police were called to the scene to find the baby without a pulse and not breathing. The child was immediately taken to the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and placed in a medical induced coma. Though medical professionals were initially concerned the child would not live, the baby has since then been taken off life support and is expected to survive while receiving care, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors say that when Redwood City police arrived, Lockner claimed said she didn’t know she was pregnant and was “surprised the baby was born.”

Lockner is being charged with attempted murder, causing great bodily injury and assault on the child causing great bodily injury.

She remains in custody on $11 million bail, with her next court appearance scheduled for September 18. If convicted, she could face a life sentence.

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