26-Year-Old Louisiana Softball Coach Arrested For Inappropriate Relationship With Student

Rachel Marie Gillespie, a 26-year-old English teacher from Jennings High School in Louisiana, has been arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student.

Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested 26-year-old Gillespie on Thursday, September 7, after receiving a complaint about the English on August 22 from Jefferson Davis school officials.

After an investigation was launched, detectives requested an arrest warrant for Gillespie, who was also the assistant softball coach at the school.

The identity or gender of the student has not been disclosed.

via KATC:

Gillespie, 26, was arrested on a warrant for for indecent behavior with a juvenile, according to Chief Deputy Christopher Ivey, spokesman for the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff Office

On August 22, deputies received a call from the school board, stating that a Jennings High School employee was alleged to have had an improper relationship with a student, stated Ivey. An investigation was initiated and information gathered led detectives to request an arrest warrant. Due to conflicts, the District Attorney’s Office and 31st Judicial District Judge have recused themselves.

The Attorney General’s Office and a special judge were appointed by the Louisiana Supreme Court to handle prosecution of the complaint.

According to Chief Deputy Christopher Ivey, Gillespie is being accused of indecent behavior with a juvenile and was booked into the parish jail on a $25,000 bond.

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