The Best Reactions To Jon Jones Testing Positive For Steroids

Man, this dude’s steroids are on steroids.
Last night, just about an hour or so after the Kyrie Irving-to-Boston news shocked the sports world, the arguably more shocking (or not shocking, depending on who you ask) news that Jon Jones had tested positive for steroids broke.
Jones, who has been infamously suspended from the UFC numerous times for drug use, finally made his return to the ring at UFC 214 on July 29 to defeat rival Daniel Cormier and win back his UFC Heavyweight title.
However, it appears Jones will have to forfeit his title not even a month into his reign following his latest positive test.
Needless to say, the reaction from the sports world was a mixture of shock, humor, and overall disgust, as Jones, arguably the greatest talent the UFC has ever had, is all but finished in mixed martial arts.

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