Derek Carr Trolls The Highway With A Corny Music Video Billboard, And The Internet Goes Bananas

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been going hard as of late when it comes to trolling the public. On August 11th, the first billboard popped up with the words, “Get Ready” along with the date “8.15.2017”. On Tuesday, Carr made good on his promise with a very corny, yet hilarious teaser billboard for an upcoming music video.

Carr also posted a sneak peak video on his Instagram page. Here’s the Oakland Raiders star as you’ve never seen him before…. Just terrible…

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Sneak peek music video.

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Derek Carr said that he “can’t wait for you to see the full thing” regarding his upcoming music video. But Carr isn’t done yet, he bought out a billboard on the side of a highway. The billboard advertises this a single for an upcoming music video supposedly set to come out sometime in 2017.

Relax people, @derekcarrmusic is here.

— Craig Kohlruss (@CraigKohlruss) August 15, 2017

So many pro athletes have dived right into the world of music, and none have reached success comparable to their sports career. Whether it’s Shaquille O’Neil, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, “Macho Man” Randy Savage (oohhh yeaaahhhh), and most recently Lavar Ball. So, Carr dipping his wick into the music industry doesn’t sound so farfetched.

However, Carr was just f*cking with everyone. He admitted that the music video billboard was all a big joke. But seriously, the dude should have waited a little longer to spill the beans of his prank. Pretty weak, bro…

😂😂 everyone calm down it's ALL a joke! I don't really dress like that and make music videos on the side 😂😂

— Derek Carr (@derekcarrqb) August 15, 2017

Fans were befuddled, sassy and funny when reacting to the billboard. One fan couldn’t believe Carr had jumped the boat to music. Judging by the cover photo, I’d guess either country or R&B…

No chance this is actually happening.

— Eric Weddle (@weddlesbeard) August 15, 2017

Derek Carr was quick to tell Mr. Weddle that the billboard is only a joke…

Haha it's not it's all a joke

— Derek Carr (@derekcarrqb) August 15, 2017

Carr got ’em shocked!

Stop!!!! lol is this real?

— Prince Amukamara (@PrinceAmukamara) August 15, 2017

And of course, Carr once again feels obliged to ruin his prank completely…

Lol not real I promise 😂😂

— Derek Carr (@derekcarrqb) August 15, 2017

Even his brother, former Texans quarterback David Carr chipped in his two cents…

(That escalated quickly)

— David Carr (@DCarr8) August 16, 2017

It’s good to say brothers agree on something…

Lol you aren't lying

— Derek Carr (@derekcarrqb) August 16, 2017

What escalated quickly? I didn’t see people losing their shit on the internet, oh wait….


— BEEZY❄️ (@zachariah92) August 15, 2017

Now, that’s just sad…

— Armando Hernandez (@TheAkronChino) August 15, 2017

Derek “DC” Carr is someone who can do both….

DC bout to win MVP and a Grammy in the same year. That's my QB! 😂

— Barrios (@jdb_chillin) August 15, 2017

Watch your f*cking language! But I agee…


Oh sheeee-it! @derekcarrqb bout to drop the hottest single of 2017 👀

— (@3lone) August 15, 2017

No joke… Oh wait, it is…

— Mac Robinson (@MacRobinsonCLE) August 15, 2017

Pssst. Make it 31 touchdowns and a Source Award…

Say it ain't so man I hope he still throws 30 touchdowns

— IT'S ME (@mane31) August 15, 2017

Carr will stick to whatever vocation he pleases. His voice, his choice…

Stick to sports

— Kamden Prather (@kamprather1) August 15, 2017

Pssst. Yeah, okay. More like Carr is leading Oakland to the Super bowl

Titans winning 49-0 week 1 now

— Brad Hornsby (@BradHornsby22) August 15, 2017

Foolish like a fox…

Good eye, private!

THANK GOD someone posted this photo. The license plate gives it away. It's another one of those funny spots for EECU, the local credit union

— CJ Baldwin (@2ndclarence) August 15, 2017

Some people know a lot about license plates…

The real joke is on Oakland when the Raiders finally pick up and leave to Las Vegas!

Derek Carr Billboard Prank: Hoax Music Video, Reactions

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