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LaVar Ball Reacts To Shaquille O’Neal’s Diss Track



The saga between LaVar Ball and Shaquille O’Neal continues. These two have been going back and forth at each other for months now, and yesterday, Shaq delivered the biggest blow yet. O’Neal dropped a ruthless diss track aimed at Ball over the instrumental from the Jay Z classic “Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)”.

If you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor and click the link below. Shaq may be 45-years-old, but he was still able to lyrically roast Ball to a crisp.

Overtime caught up with Ball on Friday night to ask how he felt about the diss track, and unsurprisingly, Ball took some shots at Shaq.

I love how Ball acts like diss tracks are a lost relic from the ’90s. Did he not hear Kendrick Lamar’s ridiculous verse on “Control” or the complete evisceration that was Drake’s “Back to Back”? It’s also hilarious to hear Ball talk about Shaq not being relevant. One of these dudes is known for being a four-time NBA Champion and a Hall of Famer, while the other’s claim to fame is being the most delusional man on the planet.

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