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WATCH: Group Of Florida Teens Destroy A Convenience Store With Slurpee Slip-N-Slide

WATCH: Group Of Florida Teens Slurpee Slip-N-Slide Video


Florida is often known for its wild sh*t. Whether it’s a golf-cart meth bust or getting your testicle bitten off by an alligator. Craziness never ages in the sunshine state; young and old, there’s wack-a-doos everywhere! In all fairness, this rowdy pack of teens are relatively tame compared to the other loco non-sense coming straight from American’s wang.

This energetic group of Floridans were allegedly just “trying to be Instagram,” whatever that means. Perhaps, they were trying to blow up the internet like Kim Kardashian.

WATCH: Group Of Florida Teens Slurpee Slip-N-Slide Video

Nope. No one can do it like Kim K.

Let’s get back to those kids who took over that Florida convenience store. These cats went buck wild and poured sticky Slurpees all over the floor. They were slippin’ and slidin’ every which way. It sucks to be the person cleaning that sh*t up.

I’d advise against anyone who wants to repeat the wild hi-jinks of these teens. I know many have probably done crazier sh*t at their age (myself included), but they’re really only punishing the employees. It’s a possibility that the store agreed to take part in this viral video, but I doubt it. Either way, Florida is still going to be Florida.

Time to get slippery down in the sunshine state!

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