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WATCH: Houston Cop Avoids A Drunk Driver By Jumping Off A Bridge


A drunk driver nearly ran over a policeman in Houston, Texas. Officer Roshad Carter was on duty at a crash site, assisting fellow officers on U.S. 59 near Newcastle at almost 3 a.m. on Friday, July 28. Suddenly, Carter hears the sound of screeching tires and as he turns around his eyes are hit with bright headlights. The car drives right into the officer’s direction and he has no other option than just off the bridge. The vehicle struck Carter’s leg as he leapt off the side of the freeway.

Carter yelled out in pain after dropping 16 feet to the ground below. He passed out and upon awakening, Carter discovered that he was unable to feel his arms or legs. He was transported to a nearby hospital where doctors informed the officer that he had suffered a spinal injury, along with two broken bones in his back.

The seven-year veteran also suffered two sprained ankles from the ordeal. Despite his injuries, he’s expected back on the force. That’s one bad ass cop.

Carter is assigned to the DWI task force. So, he almost got mowed down by someone he’d probably pull over.

Officer Carlos Herrera also jumped off that bridge with Carter to avoid the drunk driver. However, Herrera only received minor injuries and is already back on the job. The alleged drunk driver, 25-year-old Bianca Bennett, has been apprehended and charged with intoxication assault. Bennett plead not guilty for her felony charge and is already out on bond.

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