WATCH: Eli Manning And Teammates Bust A Move Like Total Goofs In The Giants Locker Room

The party culture of the New York Giants is on the rise. Quarterback Eli Manning makes his team proud by pulling off the most awkward moves since a middle school dance. This guy knows how to have fun, and he doesn’t give two sh*ts how he looks when busting a move.
Eli isn’t the only one dancing. Veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall noted the party atmosphere which surrounds this New York team, especially among its younger recruits. Ever since Spring, the Giants have been dancing everywhere, according to Marshall. “They don’t stop dancing,” he said. “Media rooms, meetings, practice.”
Let the boys dance! The more awkward the better. Next thing you know, even coach Ben McAdoo will start busting a move.
Waiting to see Eli Manning “break it down” for the common people of the internet? Watch Manning dance his little heart out in this Twitter video The video starts off with defensive tackle Damon Harris and then pans over to Eli shaking his booty…

The Giants are done dancing yet! Here are the guys still busting a move on the blue carpet. Defensive tackle Damon Harrison, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and the rest of the team dance their little hearts out for the camera…

The Giants had just finished practice when they decided to dance. That day, they practiced outside on their training camp with the heat reaching 87 degrees Fahrenheit. But hot weather isn’t going to stop ya boys in blue from breakin’ it down.

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