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WWE SmackDown Live invades the Quickens Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Tonight, we start off the show hot with a US championship between between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. Let’s get right to the action…

WWE SmackDown Viewing Details

Date: Tuesday, August, 1, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA Network
Location: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Online: USA
Mobile: USA Now

WWE United States Championship match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens

Owens dominates the early moments of this match, as he keeps Styles grounded. KO grapples and traps him in a headlock. Styles fights out, but Owens quickly squashes AJ’s momentum. KO tosses the dazed Styles out of the ring. Owens exits the ring, and clotheslines AJ into next week.
Styles is in control as we return from the break. But KO stops him momentum with a boot to the face. AJ quickly recuperates and takes the fight to KO. He knocks Owens out of the ring and then takes him out with a suicide dive. AJ charges at Owens, but KO dodges, sending Styles into the barricade. KO takes out AJ with a cannonball.
During the break, Owens brings the punishment to the ring. Styles tries to fight back, but KO counters and knocks AJ on his ass. Owens has Styles grounded. Styles fights back. Both men exchange offense. Styles is about to hit a Phenomenal Forearm, but KO moves out of the ring, and nearly kicks Styles head off. KO goes for the pin. 1..2…AJ kicks out.
KO can’t believe that Styles was able to kick out of the superkick. Owens pushes Styles into the ropes in attempt to finish the match with a Pop-up Powerbomb. Styles counters with a Calf Crusher. Owens racks the eyes and breaks free. KO takes control of Styles, propping him up in a big-time move. But Styles breaks free, and locks Owens in a Calf Crusher once again.
Somehow, Owens is able to grab the bottom rope. Styles walks towards KO and eats two simultaneous superkicks. Owens picks up Styles for another superkick to finish off the match. But KO fumbles and accidentally punches the referee in the eye. The ref is knocked to the mat, and he’s rubbing his eye. KO is about to finish Styles with a final superkick, but Styles rolls him up. Owens shoulder is clearly up, but the referee can’t see because he got punched in the eye. The ref makes the 3 count.

AJ Styles defeats Kevin Owens to retain the WWE United States Championship


Kevin Owens Is Pissed Off

The referee is being checked on by medical personal backstage. WWE SmackDown executives Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are talking to the referee about what just transpired at the end of Owens vs. Styles tonight. They’re not pleased with what went down. But Kevin Owens is furious as f*ck. He pushes the referee down. KO kicks and screams. Shane gives Owens a rematch against Styles at SummerSlam. But that’s not enough for Owens, he needs a referee who won’t fall down by “a gust of wind”. SmackDown General Manager volunteers Shane McMahon for the position of special guest referee at SummerSlam.


The Usos continue to bad-mouth The New Day

The Usos brag about beating down The New Day last week. Plus, you get some trumpet-innuendo.


Fashion Peaks

The Fashion Police treat us to a Twin Peaks parody. Fandango nearly has a seizure. Enjoy.


Sami Zayn vs. Aiden English

Aiden English starts off this segment with a long, drawn-out melodic song. Zayn and English tangle. Sami takes down English with hip tosses and arm drags. Aiden catches Zayn and quickly him rolls up for the win.

Aiden English defeats Sami Zayn

Post-Match: Maria and Michael Kanellis’s music hits. Maria loves that Zayn lost.


WWE SmackDown Women’s Champ Naomi & Becky Lynch vs. Carmella & Natalya Neidhart

Lynch and Neidhart battle it out to begin the contest. Becky gains control of Nattie. Naomi gets the tag and continues the punishment on Neidhart. Carmella is tagged into the match, and she’s feelin’ cocky as f*ck. Naomi rails at Carmella with kicks, but “the princess” fires back with a slap to the champion’s face. Naomi fires back with a slap of her own.

Naomi decks Nattie. Carmella capitalizes on the opportunity, taking the champion down to the mat. Nattie gets the tag and they double-team Naomi who is yanked down by her neon hair. Camella and Nattie nearly split apart Naomi.
Nattie traps Naomi in the Sharpshooter, and the champ crawls her way to the bottom rope. Nattie pulls Naomi back into the ring and applies even more pressure. Carmella tags herself into the match anyway, and Nattie looks annoyed.
Towards the end, Carmella has Naomi trapped in a Code of Silence submission hold. But the champ is able to turn the tide. Becky Lynch takes out Nattie with a Becksploder suplex, while Naomi makes Carmella tap.

Becky Lynch & Naomi defeats Carmella & Natalya Neidhart via submission


Rusev vs. Chad Gable

Rusev controls the early moments of this match. “The Bulgarian Brute” tosses Chad Gable out of the ring. But Gable is about to fight back, taking the fight to the big man. But Rusev turns the tide and absolutely dominates Gable. Rusev has Chad trapped in a bear hug, but Gable is able to fight his way out. Chad sends Rusev to Suplex City. Gable hits Rusev with suplex after suplex.
Gable ascends the top rope, but Rusev fights him back to the ring. Chad is able to take the big man down to the mat, and returns to the top rope. Gables flies off the top rope, executing a flawless moonsault. Chad goes for the pin. 1…..2….kick out!
Chad goes for another suplex. Rusev rolls out and strikes Gable in the jaw with a superkick. Rusev goes for the pin. 1…2….kick out!
“The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev is frustrated as f*ck. He calls for “matchka,” but Gable counters. Chad traps Rusev in an ankle lock. Rusev rolls through and kicks Gable out of the ring. Chad runs back into the ring and eats a superkick. Rusev locks Gable into The Accolade.

Rusev defeats Chad Gable via submission

Post-Match: Rusev demands competition. Out comes “The Viper” Randy Orton. Rusev and Orton lock eyes. “The Bulgarian Brute” is preventing Randy from getting in the ring. Orton knows Rusev will pounce on any false move. Orton picks up a microphone. He says that he’s here to answer Rusev challenge and will fight “The Bulgarian Brute” at SummerSlam. Rusev laughs and starts ranting in Bulgarian. Suddenly, Rusev charges Orton who ducks and hits this brute with an RKO outta nowhere.


Jinder Mahal doesn’t care who wins tonight’s main event

Mahal can sense the xenophobia everywhere he walks. But eventually, everyone will have to kneel at the feet of “The Modern Day Maharaja.” The WWE Champion doesn’t give a sh*t who wins or loses. He’ll be watching on from a luxurious sky-box with The Singh Brothers.


The winner becomes the new #1 contender for the WWE World Championship at SummerSlam: John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura tangle, each exchanging submission holds. Cena charges, but Nakamura drops him with an enziguri kick to the head. Cena recuperates and fires back with right hands. Cena charges, but eats a kick from Nakamura. John takes Shinsuke down to the mat. Cena controls his opponent with a headlock as we go to commercial break.
Nakamura is dropping Cena with kick after kick. Meanwhile, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal looks on with The Singh Brothers from a sky-box high up in the arena. Shinsuke places Cena on the ropes and then charges John, striking him in the gut with his knee. Nakamura goes for the pin. 1…2….Cena kicks out!
Cena mounts a comeback, and takes down Nakamura. He goes for a Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Shinsuke catches him right in the middle of the “you can’t see me” hand gesture. Nakamura locks Cena in an armbar. John fights out and tries to hit Nakamura with an Attitude Adjustment (AA). Shinsuke counters and takes down Cena.
Both men trade submission holds. Cena hits Nakamura with an AA, and goes for the cover. Shinsuke kicks out at count of 2 and the crowd can’t believe it. Cena attempts another AA, but Shinsuke squirms free. Nakamura drops Cena with a guillotine. Cena and Nakamura brawl. John hits Shinsuke with an AA and scoops up Shinsuke for another AA to seal the deal, but he breaks free. Shinsuke flips Cena over, dropping him on his neck. The referee checks to see if Cena is okay. John manages to get to his fett, he wobbles towards Shinsuke. Nakamura charges and takes Cena out with a Kinshasa knee strike.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats John Cena to become the new #1 contender to face WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam

Post-Match: Both men shake hands and bow as a sign of respect.


WWE SmackDown Announced Matches

  1. WWE United States Championship match: AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens
  2. Sami Zayn vs. Aiden English
  3. Naomi & Becky Lynch vs. Carmella & Natalya Neidhart
  4. Rusev vs. Chad Gable
  5. The winner becomes the new #1 contender for the WWE World Championship at SummerSlam: John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
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