WATCH: Lonzo Ball Put His Dad On Blast In Father's Day Foot Locker Commercial

Father’s Day is a special time of year to honor all those dads who put in work to make your life great. But what if your dad is the super-obsessed, ego-fueled LaVar Ball? His sons are future NBA stars, and he’s such a guiding hand to Lonzo that he literally told him what college to go to, and he instructed 29 out of 30 NBA teams not to bother drafting his son.
Lonzo showed us the familiar (controlling/obsessed) side of his father, that we probably already knew, but Ball did it in hilarious fashion. You just can’t teach this type of deadpan comedy. I’m sure one of these days Saturday Night Live is going to love having Lonzo Ball as a future host. I mean, that show really needs it. I mean, yeah they’re not funny. But back to Lonzo and his Foot Locker ad…
This father’s day commercial is set to air on June 22nd during the NBA Draft. This probably won’t effect Lonzo’s standing in the draft…or will it?
The former Chino Hills and UCLA star shared a hilarious, dead-pan look into his life living with LaVar Bell. Meanwhile, Fellow prospects Jonathan Isaac, De’Aaron Fox and Jayson Tatum also told stories about their fathers (in a lot less funny fashion). One talked about playing one-on-one b-ball games with his dad on the driveway. Another told the camera how daddy was the one behind the wheel in driving his future NBA star to tournaments.
But when Ball speaks, all hilarity breaks loose. He highlights his father’s nationally-known ego. Lonzo also talks about the dedication his father has to his son’s professional future. Here’s a man who is borderline obsessed about his NBA aspirations. But there’s no crime against being a proud papa.

Lonzo is the king/prince of deadpan. He needs to be on SNL now. That show is in serious need of talent, even future NBA prospects will do.
The 19-year-old Ball shares with us “that special moment when your dad sits you down and tells you where you’re going to college, copyrights your name to make it part of a family lifestyle brand, went on ‘First Take’ and shouted back and forth with Stephen A. Smith about how you’re already better than the reigning league MVP, … and then tells 29 out of 30 teams not to bother drafting you.”
Of course, LaVar Ball was in on the joke the whole thing. A press release from Foot Locker confirms that Mr. Ball knew all about his son’s deadpan hi-jinks. Imagine how awkward things would be if big daddy Ball was against his son poking fun at him on the worldwide web. Ball won’t have any issue when this commercial airs during the NBA Draft in eight days. Or will he?
Lonzo Ball said in the Foot Locker press releases that, “My dad and I both love the humor of the spot and I’m glad I got to have a little fun around the topic before going to the league.”

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