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‘The Emoji Movie’ Is Already Getting Horrendously Bad Reviews That Are Funny As F*ck


The Emoji Movie just hit theaters this Friday, and it’s already in the toilet when it comes to the critics. Some have described this film as “unfunny,” a “waste of time,” and “brutally depressing.” Currently, this film has a 3% on the film review site Rotten Tomatoes. Sounds low, right? Well, this is actually an improvement considering the film originally received a zero percent on that web site.

T.J. Miller stars in this critically-panned feature. He plays the roles of “Meh” emoji character and Stewart the poop emoji. Miller even called The Emoji Movie a “great film” and that he was very excited working on this movie following his departure from the HBO series Silicon Valley.

However, some have disagreed with Miller’s assessment of the film. Screencrush’s Matt Singer says, “Between Poop and Gene Meh, the characters’ names provide a more succinct and effective Emoji Movie review than I ever could.”

Let’s just say that critics took a total sh*t all over Miller’s masterwork. This isn’t a good look for the former Erlich Bachman. I wonder how Miller will respond…

'The Emoji Movie' Bad Reviews: Funniest Reviews For Emoji Movie

But then again, these negatives reviews may just inspire sympathy from some overly generous movie-goer…

Another huge criticism of the film, besides making some viewers depressed, is the fact that it’s also one big product placement advertisement. Sony teamed up with a bunch of apps and shamelessly promoted them throughout the movie as a means to generate more revenue.

Check out the gallery, at the top of page, to see the hilarious response from critics regarding this alleged dumpster fire of a fire. But if you want to see the brutal response from fans, look no further than Twitter…

I wonder if the premiums for popcorn will skyrocket now…

T.J. Miller and Sony may just got their revenge afterall…with a dreaded sequel! Mwahahahahahaha!

It’s all about how you frame the film…

This is all Jin Yang’s fault, isn’t it?

'The Emoji Movie' Bad Reviews: Funniest Reviews For Emoji Movie

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