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WATCH: Three Grandpas Getting Seriously Lit For The First Time, And They Totally Change Their Tune About Marijuana


These three grandpas claim to have never touched marijuana in their entire lives. They have looked at pot as a destructive vice since they were young boys, and this carried on deep into their adulthood and elderly years. But now, the three gramps are changing their mind to try weed for the first time. Cut Video caught the whole scene on camera, and let’s just say these old guys got really, really lit.

The grandpas discuss everything from golden showers to millennial to the subject of cannabis legality. The guy with the gray dreads even talks about feeling like a fish in a bowl. This is some Pineapple Express quality shit.

WATCH: Grandpas Smoking Weed For The First Time Cut Video

These old dudes really change their tune regarding that sticky green plant. Plus, the one in the brown leather jacket looks like he’s about to pass out. He reports feeling “so relaxed,” and will consider smoking pot again, only much, much slower…

More and more old people are lighting up. Even parents and their kids are doing it. But everyone in the videos are full grown consenting adults who just want to get lit. Family get together will never be the same again!

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